Cyber Bullying: Hiding Behind The Screen

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Can you imagine what it would be like if victims of cyberbullying got off social media? Perhaps the whole world's bullying dilemma would be over. Social Media makes bullying more corrupt than ever. According to the Australian government, Cyberbullying is 'bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Firstly, there are Anonymous settings and fake profiles which makes bullying more dangerous, then Cyber harassment makes it more accessible making the victim's experience worse and finally posting embarrassing images is more upsetting.

Anonymous settings and generating fake profiles make it challenging to hunt the tormentors. It makes the person behind the screen undetected and untracked, giving the perpetrator more power and therefore making fake accounts that protect the bully. This would make the victim more anxious and frustrated not knowing the person behind the screen. According to hiding behind the screens website, 'anonymous cyber-bullying is a rising trend on the Internet, as teenagers are increasingly turning to pseudonymity to abuse others so that the targeted victim may or may not know who is harassing them.

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Cyber harassment makes bullying easier and the victim's life worse. Harassment, what is it? 'A feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented over and over again.' But include Cyber in front of harassment and makes the definition even worse and different. Cyber Bullying is mostly carried out through offensive text messages as is stated in the explanation. It clearly states that it is to threaten through an electronic device usually by a text message or through an email. Cyber harassment makes bullying more easy-going and the victim's life worse. According to the Mamamia website, one in five Australians aged between eight to fifteen has experienced Cyberbullying or mean text messages.

It is easier to post embarrassing pictures through social media. Can you envision if someone used a distressing and disturbing photo on your account? Have you ever posted something disturbing to your companions or someone else by accident? Unfortunately, some youths consider that erasing an image will eradicate it permanently, but sharing is now a new thing. Though it is easier to post embarrassing figures through social media by accident it will stay on the internet forever. People can repost an uncomfortable picture/image or teenagers can unintentionally send a picture to someone else when they weren’t supposed to. According to an expert businessman (Brandon Gaille), 'One in every five teens have posted a sexually suggestive photo of themselves to others.'

Social Media makes bullying worse than ever because it explains to us how indistinguishable settings make cyberbullying worse, that cyber harassment makes bullying more permissive and the victim's circumstances worse and ultimately how it is easier to post embarrassing pictures through social media. According to GeckoandFly 'Blowing out someone else's candles doesn't make your one brighter'. I understand that if you're a bully listening to this then the crisis won’t end, but I am talking to all the victims just by ignoring, blocking, and reporting about cyberbullying we can put a stop to this.

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