Cyber Bullying Could Get People To Suicidal Thoughts

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Internet or online harassment is one of the kinds of cyber bullying. It is usually the use of the internet to harass, threaten, or maliciously embarrass the victim. It can engage behaviors such as, encouraging others to send the victim unsolicited and/or threatening emails or to overwhelm the victim with email messages, spreading rumors, sending negative messages directly to the victim, harassing the victim during a live chat or video call, leaving abusive messages online (social media site), sending pornography to the victim or other pictures that are offensive, making defamatory comments about the victim online, and many much more that related to harassing online victims. These problems usually happened to teenagers that don’t use their gadgets or social media wisely. Online harassment or cyber bullying can lead victims to suicidal thoughts or to hurt themselves by cutting. This problem could happen to any age group, but commonly it’s happened in adolescents and teens because they’ve grown up in the age of the internet. Not all online harassment is related to physics or violence, but they could be just using words or even pictures that could hurt victims feelings,

There are a bunch of types of online harassment that could happen everywhere and you need to watch for it so it doesn’t happen to us. Cyber stalking is the first type of online harassment, it is when someone uses the internet to systematically and repeatedly harass, threaten or intimidate someone. This can be done on all social media platforms such as email, social media, or chat rooms. The second one is online impersonation, which is when someone uses the name or personal of someone they don’t know online without their consent with the intent to intimidate, harm, and threaten the person who has become the victim of it. The third one is to catfish, it is when someone on the internet creates a fictitious identity for the purpose of starting a relationship with people they don’t know. This usually happened in the age of online dating.

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The fourth one is doxxing, which is when someone’s personal information is published online with the intention to harass the victim. This basically could include anything from their address to a phone number or even information about their family. This commonly happens a lot in the gaming world and most of the victims were gamers or even people who they don’t know yet. The fifth one is swatting, it is when someone’s personal information is released, and this is commonly relevant to the law of that country. This situation is a very very dangerous situation because it's already related to the law, and don’t ever play with this situation. The sixth one is trolling, it is when someone makes unsolicited comments in an online community or platform that are random or controversial, in order to provoke people’s emotions. People who did this are called “trolls”, they can cause a fight or upset people while hiding behind the safety of their own screen. And last not least is revenge porn, which is when someone distributes people’s private, sexually explicit images or videos without the person or victim's consent. Nonconsensual pornography like this can first come from sexting, which is when people text with each other using nude or naked pictures or videos of themselves. This could be both extremely invasive and traumatic for the victim to socialize with new people, whether it's online or even offline. Those seven ideas are types of online harassment that you need to know and don’t be the next victim of any kind of online or offline harassment.

Issues that usually happened related to online or internet harassment are often found against women. APC has just released findings that over 1,000 cases of technology-based violence from seven countries, and found that women aged 18 to 30 are most likely to experience online violence, and less than a half of the cases have been investigated. “In a world where we seamlessly navigate the online and the offline every day – often being in both spaces at the same time – it is crucial for us to address the violence that women face in both realms. Online violence is real violence,” says Bishakha Datta of the Mumbai-based non-profit Point of View. “We need to address online violence because it limits our right to free and full participation, our freedom of expression, and our right to safety and to privacy. Just because it’s in the virtual realm doesn’t make it any less real.”

Women and girls deserve to live in a world where they are free from physical violence; domestic abuse, sexual assault, and rape as a weapon of war, as well as violence that happen online. Addressing online violence will require collective efforts from individuals, corporations, and governments. “Just like the global, sustained effort to end violence against women broadly, achieving online safety for women takes multiple, concerted strategies by different actors,” says Jac sm Kee. “Governments need to include online violence against women as part of their plans to end violence against women as a whole and see this as a larger barrier for women and girls in exercising the full range of their human rights. Social media companies need to take proactive steps to ensure their space does not enable these acts.” We can't separate online and offline violence. We all must demand a better internet where everyone; women, youth, trans people can make their voices heard free from violence.

Online harassment against women is happening every single day all around the world. Women have also the right in giving opinions and freedom to do things that they want to do, men don’t have the right to violate women to do something they want. It’s their choice to do anything they like and they also have rights in this world because we are all the same, we’re all part of the global citizen. Whoever lived here on planet earth are all classified as global citizens. So the sample case that I’m going to research more deeply is about online harassment/ cyber bullying against a 15 years old teenage girl. Her name is Amanda Todd, she’s the daughter of Carol Todd and Lyn Todd, she’s a 15 years old teen from Canada. This case happened in Canada, a month after she made an inspiring video about her story of getting cyber bullied she decided to end her life by suicide in October 2012.

After her case was spread, she got anxiety, major depression, and panic disorder. Because of those things happened to her, she tried to use drugs and drink all kinds of alcohol to reduce anxiety, and depression from her soul, but that doesn’t work for her, instead of getting better, her anxiety got worse every single day, and couldn’t go out of her. She got online harassed by a guy who doesn’t know her and threatening to give a picture of her boobs to him. A year passed after that, the guy came back with new detailed information about her, and make a Facebook account with her boobs as the profile picture. She cried all day long and lost all of her friends and respect people had for her, until then nobody likes her. Everyone was judging her and nobody was at her side at that moment.

A couple of days after her boobs pict was exposed to the public, she started cutting and hurting herself. After this case happened she changed and moved to a new school with a much better environment. Later than, a month she moved into a new school, she talked to an old guy from her school and ended up he liked her. But on the other side, the guy who liked her have a girlfriend. One day when his girlfriend was on a vacation he asked Amanda to come over, and suddenly they hooked up together. A week after she hooked up with him, his girlfriend with her 15 friends came over the Amanda and said “look around nobody likes you” in front of 50 people in her new school. Then, a guy yelled at her and punch her in front of all those 5o people. So she throws Amanda to the ground and punches Amanda several times, all kids were filming and Amanda was left all alone on the ground.

After that accident happened to her, her dad drove her home. When she arrived home, she drank bleach and it killed her inside and she was taught she’s going to die soon. An ambulance came and brought her to the hospital and flushed her. After she got home, all she saw was on Facebook “she deserved it, did you wash the mud out of your hair?” “I hope she’s dead”. Six months have gone by, people are posting pictures of bleach, Clorox, and ditches, and tagging her on that post. And there’s this comment that really hit her so bad “she should try a different bleach, I hope she dies this time and isn’t so stupid” “I hope she sees this and kills herself”. After all, that stuff happened to her, her anxiety got worse every single day and won’t go out of her body, what she learns from her past is that life's never getting better every single day. Two months before her death she’s on anti-depressants and counseling. She overdosed and ended up in the hospital for two days.

Suicidal thoughts are when someone is thinking to end their life by hurting their self such as cutting, hanging themselves to a yarn, and other suicide activity. Suicidal thoughts often happened to people who are a victim of current issues such as; online or offline harassment that nowadays often happen in among teenagers. Usually, teenagers are the main aim to get bullied online or offline, but today that stuff rarely happens offline and it normally happens online (in social media sites). Nowadays that issues happen all around the world to all levels of ages in people. Suicidal thoughts are common and most people have experienced that when they are having an under growing stress or even experiencing depression. In most cases, these things can temporarily be treated but at the same time, in some cases, these things can have a risk for attempting or completing suicide that will end their life harmfully. There are some causes of people getting suicidal thoughts such as; depression, anxiety, eating disorders such as anorexia, and substance abuse. But people with a family history of mental illness are more likely to get or have suicidal thoughts.

So basically from this case or problem that happened to Amanda Todd is a very criminal online harassment of teenage girls. She died in October 2012, a month after she made an inspiring story of her life. The reason why she decided to end her life that fast is because she doesn’t have the motivation to live and she thinks she’s not worth living and thinks that nobody cares about her this past month before she died. Based on the cases that happened around the world especially to girls and women, the solution that I'm going to conduct to help out solve this problem is that, to create an international online police force that will prevent and prosecute crimes such as cyberbullying, online harassment, or hacking. In every country, we also need a strict law on this area so that, people will notice and reduce the activity of cyber bullying or hacking.

From that cases and problems about online harassment, I could conclude that these issues aren’t good because they could get people to suicidal thoughts and they’ll end upending their lives because of getting harassed by people they don’t know or strangers. These issues are more often happen in teenagers who played social media platforms not wisely and don’t know the effect of not using them wisely. Online harassment normally happens to teenagers 15-18 years old. Other than that the victim of online cyberbullying is most likely a woman or girl. So by knowing the danger of not using social media wisely you need to be alert that cyberbullying can happen anywhere and to everyone. These issues could lead the victim to get anxiety and depressions easily and not able to socialize well with new people or new environment, and they’ll be more uncomfortable when they’re hanging out with a bunch of friends. Starting by now you need to think before you do something that maybe hurt people’s feelings and try to position yourself as the victim of any type of cyberbullying.

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