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Problem Solution Essay on Bullying

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Despite a lot of effort, many students still face bullying at school and online. What can society do to help? It is everyone’s ultimate desire to achieve happiness but how do children achieve this when most of them are faced with this challenge daily? Bullying is when another person uses their power to manage or hurt another. There are many different forms of bullying including cyberbullying, verbal bullying, and physical bullying. Anyone who has experienced bullying in their life should know how it feels. This type of behavior towards another human being is very negative and can cause major problems in society. This type of action should not be tolerated because it can ruin someone’s life. Additionally, lots of children can be permanently scarred by continuous teasing. Even worse, this can lead to suicide or death if the bullying gets extreme and too much to bear.

Cyberbullying is a common form of harassment with the use of digital technologies. As technology advances this form of bullying becomes rather popular, especially among children and young adults. This type of harassment usually takes place on mobile phones, social media, messaging outlets, and even on platforms where children play their games online. This negative repeated behavior is intended to scare, anger, and shame children. The aggressor usually acts by spreading rumors about the victim or posting embarrassing pictures on social media. Another form of target assault used is to send hurtful texts or threats; sometimes these attackers even impersonate the victim and send mean messages to others on their behalf. This type of bullying on children can lead to great emotional and psychological distress. As with other forms of bullying children suffer anxiety, depression, fear, and low self-esteem.

When we think about bullying a lot of us may think about physical bullying. However, sometimes bullying can be verbal and can be just as harmful. The aim of this form of bullying is to degrade and demean the victim while making the aggressor look in charge and powerful.

Verbal bullying can be difficult for parents to recognize since there is an absence of physical harm. However, parents must be mindful of their children’s lives and be a tower of support he or she can rely on if a verbal attack is being experienced. Some early signs that children might be victims of verbal bullying include their reluctance to go to school, a decrease in school performance, or major changes in their eating and sleep cycle. In some cases, children may start complaining that no one likes them, or they hate themselves. When our children experience verbal bullying, they can be affected in some very real ways. This can affect their self-image and cause them to suffer emotionally and psychologically. This can cause children to become so depressed that he or she may turn to substance abuse or in extreme cases suicide. Bullying can have physical outcomes, even if the aggressor never lays a finger on the victim.

According to, about 282,000 students are physically assaulted in some way in secondary schools throughout the United States each day and the number is growing. When we speak of physical bullying this includes any type of aggressive physical intimidation and is often displayed by repeated pushing, hitting, kicking, or touching in an inappropriate manner. The effect of physical bullying is damaging and leads to emotional and psychological destruction. When children feel unsafe, they will not be able to focus and function on life normally as they should. In addition to the trauma of physical bullying, most children are afraid to tell their parents or report it to their teacher. Some signs of physical bullying displayed on children are bruises, cuts, unexplained scratches, stomach aches, or headaches. One thing that cannot be denied is that the psychological effects of physical bullying are of a greater degree than the physical scars. Many children suffer silently as they struggle to focus and become anti-social and withdrawn.

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Despite the impacts of bullying, these problems can be resolved. I do believe that Counseling should be the first basic stage. Parents can reduce bullying behavior in children and young adults by identifying what is happening in their daily lives. Listen to what makes their children angry, but force should not be used for they will be distressed and become withdrawn.

For cyberbullying, parents can find ways to assist children to detach from their online connections. Although, it may be enticing to check their phones or computer regularly, however, urge them to take a break from online. Invite their favorite friend over and do something fun. Engage in outside activities, visit the library, and find new books to read. Have a fun family game night. If the bullying continues, report the behavior to the application provider. Apps like Instagram and Facebook, among others, have features where you can report inappropriate messages or comments. The aggressor may get a warning, a temporary suspension, or even be banned from the platform altogether.

A solution to verbal bullying victim of verbal bullying is to ignore the bully as much as you can. These individuals enjoy feeling superior to the victim. Therefore, not entertaining them, can make you become a boring target to the bully. If the attacker does not surrender, you will need to talk to an adult you trust and ask them for help. Verbal intimidation can continue because the victims keep silent about it. Remember that you are not alone!

Physical bullying can be quite dangerous, and some are classified as crimes. Parents can protect children If the bullying you experience involves one of these elements, call your local police department. Talk to your school administrators. Since bullying is so common, every school has a policy for handling it efficiently and effectively. Talk to your school principal or school counselor about the situation so that it stops as soon as possible. Steps will be taken to either punish the bully or set up mediation to resolve the issue.

The US government also aims to ensure that students have the safest environments possible. For this reason, 49 out of 50 states currently have bullying laws in place (Bully Police USA, 2012). All staff should be familiar with their state laws and regulations regarding bullying. They should also know what their school district’s policy is and whether it follows the state law.

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