Essay on Why Is Animal Testing Unethical

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Over the past few years, animals have been exploited for testing purposes, experiments for medicinal safety, and other scientific methods have been conducted on these animals to confirm that these methods are safe for mankind. In 2017 statistics show that over 3 million animals were tested in England (‘’Understanding animal research,’’2018, Para. 3). Animal testing is unethical because it is more time and money-consuming, both human and animal bodies are different and it causes harm to animals, So animal testing must be banned.

To begin with, animal testing is more time and money-consuming than just an experiment for a single medicine it takes over 3-5 years and around one million dollars on an animal species which is quite a large amount this amount includes the total living and chemical used on that species this doesn’t include any medical equipments and other costs. There are companies who breed animals specifically for testing and animals can be purchased through them. Although animal research is not a process that occurs in a short interval of time the amount of money changes (about animal testing, 2019). In the United States, animal testing is more expensive than in any other country from statistics it can be concluded that the US allocates over 5 million dollars and over 14.5billion dollars annually on animal testing (Weekly Standard, 2018)

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Secondly, animal testing is not useful among humans as both are having different internal body structures which are not useful to conclude that the medicine or cosmetic is safer for humans. Both humans and creatures system works in different way which means that medicine will react differently in both of them (about animal testing, 2019). Even research proves that animal testing is not useful for humans. A study conducted by the Food and Health Administration in the U.S. concluded that over 92% of drugs that pass animal tests fail on humans for this test NIH scientists researched many species especially Chimpanzees which are considered as closest relatives of humans as both share 98% of genes fail in this test which proves that biomedical testing is not useful in animals (LiveScience, 2014). For example, TGN 1412 was given to many species including rats, rabbits, mice, and monkeys this antibiotic doesn’t harm any of the creatures even when it was given in high amounts but when this was tested on humans it started harming them (HuffPost, 2017). only one out of a hundred vaccines will pass in humans if they pass biomedical research. Animal test arthritis shows that it acts as a protective coating for the heart of mice but when the drug was launched in the market it caused over 27,000 heart attacks and thus government banned this drug (animal testing. Procon, 2016).

Thirdly, biomedical research is very harmful to animals as at the end of the experiment animals can die or live a dead life in which they are not able to do anything, each year over a hundred million animals die in the U.S. because of medical research procedures. During these procedures animals are treated as old laboratory equipment, even after some test DNA manipulation occurs which is harmful as when DNA changes it remains changed for future generations this happened during an experiment their genes were totally changed but it was not able to cover the whole population of rats as they are found everywhere all those mice which were having different genes died (J Neurosci, 2018). As per Human Society International animals during a test are abused and forced to inhale water and food that contain toxic elements also, they are kept in big containers so that they can change the gas level for them to check better results which cause irritation in their sensitive organs such as eyes. During a cosmetic test, their eyes are kept open by clips so that they can estimate their effect this all proves how animals are tortured by humans(animal-testing, 2017).

To conclude, animal testing must be banned as it shows the cruelty of humans towards animals even animals also have a right to live properly in this world. Animal testing is very harmful for creatures as they are kept in a small cage for research purposes in which they are abused heavily. Sometimes they lose their life as they are not strong enough to tolerate the pressure of humans and this testing is not correct as over majority of drugs passed from animals fails on humans why we perform these experiments. Although, alternatives to these experiments are available which are cheaper and take less time animal use in biomedical experiments must banned.


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