Why Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned: Essay

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The beginning stages of testing involve a process called Vitro (“Read”). When you think of the common everyday products such as cosmetic companies, medical research, and even new forms of technology people are quick to assume it involves abusive animal testing. In many cases, people choose not to support these types of companies. They assume without knowing the facts behind the products they love. Animal testing is good because it protects people from avoidable harm, increases treatment discoveries, and allows us to further understand the human body.

Protecting oneself is a no-brainer. We choose every day to avoid any harm we may encounter. As a society, we use over twenty name-brand items a day. They all consisted of testing before they were passed to be sold on the market. For example, as a woman, we choose to use makeup. When you put on your makeup in the morning you do not think about the harm the products could do to you. How sad would it be to have a life-threatening reaction all because of the lack of testing involved in production? This is where rats come into play. Rats are the number one choice for animal testing (“Read”). They have adaptable bodies that allow for accurate results. Also, they can even be used not only with makeup brands but medical medicines as well. Rats and other animals such as rabbits have common genetics with humans which allows them to act as a tester to allow researchers to understand what a human could take in comparison to a rat (“Read”). With every test done the animals do not understand what is going on. There are more humane options given compared to what our brains think when we hear the words animal testing. Animals help make life easier; they also save human suffering too.

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Animal testing is not just done on products. The disease is also a killer worldwide. For example, cancer attacks in many forms. The common treatment option is chemo. How do you think doctors know the correct amount to give a patient and not have them overdose on cancer medicine? You guessed it, testing. With medical testing, they begin in a process called Vitro where they test on human cells (“Read”). Once they have a success rate with the cells, it gets continued into animals. So, believe it or not, animals are not the first step in the testing process. We can see what will work and not work, without harming a person. In addition, disorders are known for the unknown. Many disorders do not have a cure or even a reliable treatment plan. Testing on animals saves not only lives but also relieves many from pain. Animals also possess similar health issues. By using them for testing, we learn how to help ease or prevent additional pain in both humans and animals. We even use animal testing to help cure and prevent suffering from animals with disorders. Animals struggle too. Every case that survives is just another victory toward helping the ones we love. Even the furry ones.

The human body is full of questions. Animals obtain the closest living thing to human functions (“Read”). We study both animals and humans to understand how we work. We meet at common ground. Human victories can be the result of a furry life. We can help further prevention in not only humans but animals as well. In addition, bovine herds are able to prevent the spreading of diseases by performing ELISA tests on study herds (Slenning). This allows easier ways to understand how to best prevent herds from spreading diseases. At the end of the day, we both possess a body that still has a million ways of functioning. We can use the testing not only for our benefit, but for teachings, and even technological advancement which results in more success in humans and animals. We work as a team to create a learning platform to understand what makes a bodywork. The goal of all this is to expand knowledge that we did not previously have.

It is because of animals that we can protect humans from avoidable harm, increase treatment discoveries, and understand the human body. There is so much more to animal testing than what is on the surface. Without animals, we as living humans would be way far off from living a happy, and comfortable life. We owe all we now understand, enjoy, and even are aware of the knowledge we have from testing to animals. Testing comes in many forms. Animals allow for success to happen. Animals do not have to suffer during testing for a result of success. Animals are humanely cared for in a way they do not even understand what is happening to them. Animals pave the way for all medical advancements and victories.

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