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Bullying in School as a Huge Problem: Essay

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Many schools today have a problem running rapidly throughout America. Bullying is seen throughout many of the hallways and lunchrooms at many schools. By saying this, a child comes home from school with bruises covering his or her body. His or her face is as white as a ghost. He or she is grabbing one’s stomach as he or she runs to the bathroom trying not to throw up everywhere. Nearly half of school-age children are involved in bullying in many schools across America. Unfortunately, punishment for a bully is just a slap on the wrist. By stating this, American schools should come up with better solutions, such as providing harsher punishment for bullies.

First, bullying can provide unnecessary repercussions of mental and emotional effects. For example, children who are victims of bullying end up with depressive disorders and low self-esteem not only short term but long term as well. In fact, often bullies and their victims fall into deeper issues, such as both panic and depressive disorders. Often leading in a child to despicable crimes, such as mass murders in schools. Furthermore, behaviors like shunning certain peers can lead to anxiety, depression, aggression, and antisocial behavior. In turn, victims often feel a profound yearning to regain their power by turning to the brutality of mass shootings. To illustrate, a child who has been extremely bullied in school pulls up to his or her school with his or her mom. He or she steps out of the car and opens the back door of his or her mom’s car. He or she shuts the door, walks over to the driver's side window, kisses his or her mom on the cheek, and says “I love you, Mom”. He or she steps onto the sidewalk of the school, turns around, and watches his or her mom's car pull onto the main road. He or she then turns around and begins walking rapidly down a long pathway that enters the entrance of the school. After coming to the end of the pathway, he or she flings open the door and begins violently shooting into the hallway. He or she then walks into every classroom. Ripping innocent souls apart with the bullets in his or her gun. Screams of terror begin echoing through the halls. He or she then hears a clicking noise coming from his or her gun. He or she realizes that the gun in his or her hand is no longer loaded. He or she then takes the gun and puts it back in his or her backpack and throws the backpack over the shoulder. He or she walks out of the school with the peaceful thought that he or she has finally regained control that he or she has once lost to his or her bully. All in all, the deadly cycle continues with the shooter who was once a victim now becomes the bully.

Another mental and social repercussion of bullying is low self-esteem. For instance, children who fall to the victims of cyberbullying due to their weight often turn to bulimia or anorexia. For example, a child enters his or her room after a long day of school. The child then goes to his or her computer and sees an instant message from his or her classmates. He or she opens the message and sees a link that displays the words 'read me'. The child then clicks on the link and then a picture of the child eating hotdogs and the words displayed 'slob' flashing above the picture. The child jumps off of the bed and rushes over to the mirror. As the child is standing in front of the mirror, he or she begins judging his or her body by saying to themselves, “You’re so fat and disgusting”. As a result, The child then begins to stop eating or purging in order to gain relief from the bullying.

Also, suicide is slaughtering children from left to right from the backlash of bullying. For example, research has shown that as many as two thousand three hundred and forty-two deaths occur due to bullying and suicide running consecutively each school year. Moreover, children often go without reporting bullying because they are afraid it will make the bullying worse. As a result, the victims tend to keep it a secret and feel the need to deal with this issue on their own. The bullying then gets worse as time goes on, and the child sees the only way out of the pain is to end one’s life. Picture this: a fifteen- year old girl receives a friend request from a very attractive boy on Myspace. The girl starts interacting with the boy by messaging back and forth. Over time, the girl begins to fall in love with this boy. Suddenly, she receives a message. The message states that the boy had taken a cocktail of pills and committed suicide. Moments later, she receives another message stating that this was all a scam and that she was part of a joke. Next day she walks the halls and the 'mean girls' continue teasing her by calling her derogatory names. The girls then take the bullying to the next level by implanting the thought that she would be better off if she took a cocktail of pills like her 'imaginary' boyfriend. Later, the girl returns home and can’t shake the words “Maybe you should take a cocktail of pills”. The girl can’t take it anymore and feels like the whole world is laughing at her. She walks up to her parent’s sink and throws back a variety of pills. By saying this, the foolishness of bullying needs to be put to a halt once and for all.

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Furthermore, a child’s education is often affected by bullying. For instance, bullying can cause a child to skip school. As a result, a victim of bullying will result in poor academics in school because of the lack of participation. For example, if a child doesn’t retain academic skills like reading, he or she won’t be able to read emails, street signs, or simple instructions on cooking. Furthermore, children often result to the thought the only way to avoid being a victim of bullying is to drop out. Although that is a smart way to avoid a bully, it wouldn’t be very smart on the education level or life level. As a result, children who drop out of school because of bullying diminish their chances of gaining access to employment due to not receiving their high school diploma.

Although there are many solutions, one solution that will help with the bullying epidemic is the staff in schools need to completely stand by a zero-tolerance policy. For example, many students who play certain sports or have family members at school receive a lesser punishment at school. Therefore, the punishment should be equally applied to all students instead of just certain ones.

Another solution should be to restrict certain privileges for bullies during school. For instance, if a student is bullying a kid a recess, the recess would then be taken away for a certain amount of time. Also, if a student is bullied in the locker room before or after a game, the child would be restricted to attend or play any sports for the school year.

Lastly, many of the school’s faculty will simply argue that they cannot provide enough staff to keep an eye on every child. Although this is true, kids should be able to attend school knowing they are safe. Therefore, schools should hire subs to fill in for teachers who are unavailable to take on playground duty or ride on the back of the bus to keep an eye out for bullying behaviors. In addition, if staff members do not want to make sure the students follow bullying procedures, they need to resign from their positions. By saying this, it should be a requirement for all staff members, upon being hired, to attend a mandatory training course. By attending this course, they will learn about how to teach students to become more confident, as well as learn conflict-resolution skills needed for preventing bullying. In addition, school staff can also make it mandatory for students to take a bullying class each year to teach about how bullying will not be tolerated under no circumstances.

In conclusion, nightmares, big exams, and failing to be to class on time are just a few things that kids face on a daily basis. Many parents who send their kids to places to learn often find out that they in fact are sending their child into a den of wolves. Not knowing that their child has to constantly be looking over his or her shoulder in fear of not knowing where the next punch will come from. By stating this, this American epidemic needs to come to a halt before another bully silents another child’s heart who is screaming for help.

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