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Essay on Different Types of Child Abuse and Bullying

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When we work with children, it is important to know the signs that a child is being abused or bullied. In this work, I would like to focus on the main types of such extremely unacceptable behavior towards children.

Speaking of abuse, it should be noted that there are four types of abuse - physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect. Physical abuse is when someone harms someone else with a purpose. This may include slapping, kicking, shaking, poisoning, scratching, burning, biting, throwing, punching, and causing injuries like breaking bones. Physical abuse can cause physical injuries, such as unusual shapes, bruises, and bites. Signs may vary with the different types of abuse, for example, cigarette burns, which may appear on the face and body, are small and often seen at various stages, frequent and repeated incidents. Two black eyes would be suspicious, especially if there is no injury to the head or face. Bruises that may be similar that is a sign of the hand or other things with which the child may have been hit.

Sexual abuse happens when adults force a child to have sexual behavior with them. This can be contact abuse or direct abuse such as rape, kissing, undressing the child and touching parts of the body, oral sex, and intercourse. Non-contact abuse is when the abuser is not touching the child. This can happen by showing online pornography, sending abusive pictures or videos, and making them masturbate. The signs to see in a child who is being sexually abused are pain during urination, difficulty or discomfort in walking or sitting, sexual play with other children that demonstrate sophisticated knowledge, telling lies, anger, hostility, and aggression towards an adult or child.

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Emotional abuse happens when a child consistently faces threats by an adult with the intention to cause mental harm or humiliation. This can take the form of verbal abuse, ridiculing, mocking, shouting, and insulting the child. The adult is not giving love to them, and they are not making happy the child. The signs of emotional abuse are that the child may become withdrawn and isolated from peers and ignored by family members, often suffer from poor self-esteem and lack confidence, tell lies, and tearfulness. Tantrums and outburst that is inappropriate to the child's age and stage of development.

The last type of child abuse is neglect. It occurs when parents or someone else is caring for a child fails to meet the basic essential needs of the child. Neglect causes a major impairment in children's physical growth, as well as development in general. The signs of physical neglect include when a child is not fed, washed, dressed inappropriately for the weather, not kept safe, or even regularly left alone at home. Such parents do not bring their children to school, miss many days at school, and do not care about their education. The child is being disrespected, not listened to, and not communicated with. Such parents do not bring their children to the doctor when they are sick. The child may appear thin and look non-healthy, frequently have health problems, cough or cold, the child is tired and hungry, and have low esteem and poor relationships.

And finally, I want to talk about bullying. Bullying is an action or behavior used to hurt other children, including name-calling, pushing, hitting, stealing, threatening, or spreading rumors. This may happen anywhere: at school, at home, online, or on the road. Like child abuse, there are also some types of bullying. For example, physical bullying such as hitting, pouching, slapping, or hair pulling. Verbal bullying includes spreading rumors and threatening behavior. Non-verbal bullying involves making signs with eyes or hands, texting, email, and social media chat. Sometimes bullying may include constant control over a person, what they are doing all the time, racial insult, discrimination, and damage to their belongings. The signs to see in a child who is being bullied are that the child is nervous all the time, has low self-esteem, and has problems with eating, sleeping, and making friends. Sometimes such children cry because they do not want to go to school or have injuries or bruises.

In summary, child abuse and bullying have a serious impact on both the physical and mental development of a child. Knowledge of their different types and signs is very useful in working with children because it allows you to see the child's problem and provide him with the help he needs.

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