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School Violence Problem In Bahrain

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School violence is adolescence violence that happens on school grounds, from activities organized by the school or college, or during an event sponsored by the work. A teenager can be a victim of school violence, a perpetrator, or a witness. School violence can also affect or involve adults. Abuse among young people includes different habits. Some violent acts can cause more emotional harm than physical harm, such as bullying, pushing, and shoving. Certain types of violence, such as gang activity and rape, can result in severe injuries or death. According to NCES, 79% of public schools in the USA has a registered one or more violent acts. Most of the time, no legal action is taken and the problem is let go by laws because of the student’s status in the government or how much the parents pay the school to keep the problem unheard of by the law. The effects of school violence could last long on the student that is facing, it could be depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia, suicidal thoughts and much more. In this essay it will be mention the cause of school violence, weather it be drugs or face to face fights, how Bahraini government is reacting to it, the effects, and lastly the actions that are taken and should be taken.

According to Ezinne (2015), The World Health Organization describes violence as ‘the deliberate use of physical force or energy, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community that either results in injury, death, psychological harm, developmental or poverty, or has a high probability of resulting in it.’ School violence is a multifaceted cultural disorder and can happen for a variety of reasons, including the ingestion of illegal substances such as opioids and abuse of alcohol. Students, school staff or intoxicated members of society tend to lose control of their actions and often act irrationally. The effect of drugs on the human body can therefore serve as a factor for violence in schools. Another cause of violence at school may be problems with personality. For example, shyness can cause a student to feel out of place among his peers, influencing him to be rebellious or attempting to be noticed by any means. Such behaviour, too, can lead to bullying and gang fights. Violent media are another source of school violence. The effect on culture is largely underestimated by violent television programs and video games. On action movies, children teenagers frequently imitate their favorite television stars, contributing to acquired violent behavior in classrooms. (Enyiannya, 2015)

Exposure to aggressive home and family settings as well as violence-related injury lead to both decreased academic progress and enhanced destructive and distracted activity in the classroom for children, teens, and teenagers. Households with more children are more likely to experience heightened family conflict and child abuse, resulting in intrapersonal, relational, and educational limits. Kids affected by family and community violence are suffering from impaired social and emotional abilities, diminished academic performance, and fear of crime. Imitation plays a vital role in socially and academically environments for children. Children exposed to violent home and community settings may be even more inclined to mimic and exchange taught habits to the setting in the schoolroom. In social settings, adolescents frequently mimic model actions, particularly through social contact. For example, educators can experience the influence of imitation in the environment of the classroom as a student displays inappropriate behavior and other students may imitate the unwanted behavior for a variety of reasons. (Walz, 2013) My opinion on the cause is that most kids that are treated indifferently at home will most likely act up in school, either towards a teacher or another innocent student. Those kids deserve therapy and a helping hand instead of a punishment and neglect.

A senior government official announced that Bahrain is implementing new rules to tackle acts of sabotage and violence in schools across the Kingdom. The Ministry of Education has increased the number of advisors to do it, Dr Abdulla Al Mutawa, Under-Secretary for Education. Recently, there has been a rash of arson attacks on campuses, the latest on the Higher Secondary School of Al Taawwun Girls, Sanad, in which saboteurs set one of their facilities to burn. The ministry condemned vandalism actions targeting schools aimed at causing terror among students and putting their safety at risk. (Bahrain clamp on school violence) It has emerged that a major campaign to fight violence and drug addiction among students will be expanded to cover all 211 government schools. Ma’an (Ma’an means Together), the anti-violence and dependency initiative of the Interior Ministry, was launched in 2011, targeting 104 public schools at the time. The project is part of an international US-based Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program aimed at preventing drug use, gang membership, and violent behavior among school students. Police officers administer the initiative in 43 states, and Bahrain is the first country to offer the system in Arabic. (Al Daaysi, 2018)

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Victims of corporal punishment are prone to be aggressive and excessively defensive, and avoid freedom of expression of their thoughts and emotions while at the same time becoming emotional abuse victims. Kids who are physically punished are far less prone to internalize ethical principles than most other kids, and become less likely to oppose pressure, participate in selfless behavior, feel empathy with everyone, or practice any moral judgement. They are much more prone to developing disorderly and aggressive behavior such as hitting their sisters and brothers, parents, classmates, and boyfriends as well as girlfriends. And they could become adults prone to punishing their own kids, and thus carry on the customs of violent acts. A handful of studies also demonstrated associations among corporeal punishment and mental illness. Although most concentrated on corporeal punishment within households, others focused on corporal punishment in schools with an inevitably negative psychological effect.

For using a wooden ruler with nails on her students, a kindergarten teacher was alluded to the district attorney in Bahrain. The decision to suspend the teacher and pursue legal action against her was based on a report from an inquiry established by the Ministry of Education after numerous complaints that she turned to violence on a continuous basis to cope with children in her school. (Habib, 2018) School violence could have a physical impact, causing psychological trauma, severe physical chronic illness, and lengthy-term physically or mentally illness. The most obvious physical effects can include minor to serious cuts, bruises, bones, or homicidal and suicide deaths.

In my opinion the schools in Bahrain should always have security cameras around that are regularly monitored to make sure none of the students act violently towards each other. If a teacher is seen using violence towards the student, weather it be a serious issue it should be handled legally, but if it’s something simple the teacher should be put into training and anger management treatment. If a student acts violently towards another student where blood has been drawn or other serious injuries, the student should be sent to rehab centers, and status should not be able to stop that. It is a ridiculous thing that status stops someone from getting the treatment a normal person gets. Some schools in Bahrain would not enforce any type of punishment towards the student because they think it is not that serious. Most of the school owners would accept cash to keep the matter of a rich parent’s child quiet. There are many cases that I have witnessed that were not on the news or heard about after it happened. There are many students who are still walking freely after bullying, harming and doing much more to innocent and helpless students. This is the sad truth about Bahrain, many people use their power to walk away freely after harming many people with no consequences. A solution to this is to stop using “hush money” and letting many kids suffer daily at school.

In conclusion, Bahrain has many school violence problems that money hides from the media, even with some being out there the country isn’t doing much to stop it.

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