Social Media: Very Powerful Marketing Tool

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The world we lived in 30 years ago as compared with the world today is completely different. In recent years, technology has been and continues to develop rapidly. With its rapid development, technology has significantly influenced marketing in a positive way and has paved the way for social media marketing to come to fruition (Solis 2010). This research thoroughly examines the effectiveness of social media as a medium for marketing in the United States.

In the early 1700s, the only method of communication that was available to humans was written correspondence or letters. This means that if someone from the US wanted to contact someone else in China, they had to use “letters by post” to communicate. This process was very time-consuming and tedious. Nonetheless, in 1792 the first-ever telegraph was invented and widely use, through which messages could have been delivered over a long-distance journey and was less time-consuming and fast. Additionally, in 1890 and 1891 both the telephone and the radio were invented respectively. These mediums of communicating made communication more accessible and easier.

During this era of the 21 century, technology began changing swiftly. Different mediums of communication were being invented and after the creation of blogging, social media became popular. The idea of social media marketing didn’t come into existence as a result of Facebook or any of the other social media platforms, however, social media began in the early 1970s with the first email being sent in 1971. After that period, several businessmen realized the enormous potential impact that technology could have on the world, specifically in the area of social media marketing. As, a result in 1997, the first social media site Six Degrees were launched.

Social Media Marketing came into existence with publishing as its main priority since businesses during that era began generating profits and producing web traffics. Web traffic may be defined as the quantity of data sent and received by visitors to a website (Ryan 2016). By producing these webs traffic which in nature can be very damaging to a website’s reputation, companies began forming a bond through which content was shared. Nonetheless, social media has blossomed and matured to the extent of being more than a content broadcaster.

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Social Media is changing at a rapid paste and is transfusing society daily. Many of us may think that it is in its maturing stage, but it is also growing up. Also, social media user audiences are becoming wiser and many companies are looking at a myriad of creative and innovative ways by which they can generate revenue through social media marketing.

It is estimated that over 90% of businesses in the US utilize social media as a medium for marketing (Olson 2017). Businesses increase their brand awareness through social media and many of the B2B (Business to Business) markers believe that advertising through social media platforms is cost-effective and creates enormous benefits for the company.

This also creates a way through which businesses can search and display information related to their products. In previous years, companies throughout the US have mobilized various traditional forms of media, such media include; newspapers, radio, and TV. However, with the increase in technology media, the forms of traditional media are becoming more and more obsolete. In the year 2016, newspaper media usage decreases drastically by 10% and in 2019 it further declines by an additional 21%.

Over the years, social media has become a very powerful marketing tool in the United States of America. While social media’s main goal is connecting people worldwide as a means of entertainment, it is also connecting marketers with customers. Social Media marketing in the United States continues to blossom and flourish and there is significant potential for further expansion, growth, and development of the industry in the distance further. Every year the United States spends billions of dollars on social media marketing (Guttmann 2018). In 2016 and 2017 respectively, the United States spend 14.8 billion and 32 billion dollars. Totaling to over 46.8 billion dollars on social media marketing and it is expected to increase to 48 billion US dollars by the year 2021.

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