Types And Effects Of Social Media On Health

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Social media is a pool of all virtual communication platforms that are focused to public based contribution, sharing of content, and association. Applications, social bookmarking, micro blogging, websites, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, Snap chat, Skype and Twitter.

All these media platforms are internet based and ends up giving quick and reliable message to the users. These social platforms have continued to favor the universe in many ways depending with the interest of the users thus leading to many effects in the globe. The effects can be classified either as positive effects or adverse effects.

Firstly, let us look at the positive influences and effects of social media in the universe.

Social media plays vital critical role when it comes to business as it helps lower the business marketing costs to huge levels. Traditional marketing platforms such as television adverts, prints and even radio advertisement have always demanded for huge payments to run them so as to capture the attention of business potential clients unlike with social platforms where businesses can automatically connect to their anticipated customers freely as far as they have access to internet, dedicate their time and energy.

Social networking sites have provided a platform where all bloggers and free lancers can connect with their clients and for them to be able to share their content and articles in their respective social platforms which continue to enhance the followers network of the freelancers as well as the bloggers.

These social networks have continuously continued to eradicate all interactions and communication obstacles and as a result one can openly expresses their perception, thoughts over a wide perspective of issues occurring around us for instance experts and students are able to interact ,share and communicate with ease.

Social media has continues to play a unifying role as it gets to unite masses on a huge platform so as to enhance the achievement of some laid down common goal. This is very crucial especially in enhancing that there is positive change in the society. The increased exposure and popularity of some social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook networks have continuously continued to gain dominance as the most viable and reliable communication choice for content creators, bloggers and article writers.

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On the contrary social media has come along with some negative effects alongside with it and the effects are as follows:

One of the major negative effects associated with social media is addiction in such a case where teenagers and students tend to spend most of their time on social media thus diverting their attention and attention from a certain allocated task or responsibility thus lowering their motivational levels. These teenagers and students tend to mostly rely on technology and internet instead of getting to learn and understand the practical knowledge and expertise of the everyday life.

Kids tend to be hugely affected by these s social sites especially if in a situation whereby if at times people get to share videos and pictures that have huge contents of sex and violence. These can lead to affecting the kids behavior in a negative manner thus putting a negative impact on on overall society as these kids can get to involve themselves in criminal acts and such related activities.

Social media users tend to share too much of their personal information which puts them at a risk whereby the information may threats to them. Even with adverse security settings the personal information may leak out on the sites thus downloading the pictures, videos and copying one’s status in an easy simplified way.

Cyber bullying unlike in the past where bullying could only occur on a face to face interaction basis these days people can easily bully others online. Social media enables new people to easily make friends but as well it enables cruel and mean people to as well to tear into other personnel with little effort ending up terrorizing them in front of their friends and followers thus betraying and embarrassing them online. All these happenings tend to leave people with deep mental worries and in extreme cases leading others to end up committing suicide.

Social media has caused an effect of people tending to fear to miss out. This is a form of anxiety that one gets when they are scared of missing out on a great exposure that others are experiencing and you may end up losing the experience especially if you are not socially connected with others.

Another great negative effect that is associated with social media is unrealistic expectation as it gets to form unrealistic expectations of friendships and life that get to exist in the users mind due to lack of online authenticity. Users in many cases tend to share their most enticing experiences, their un ending love stories accompanied by highly stage managed photos but in real life situation it is very difficult to distinguish the reality of the situation as this person could be in huge financial crisis or in bad terms with their opposed significant and are only interested in attracting social media likes, views and comments as a form of validation.

Unhealthy sleep patterns are another effect of social media especially for the individuals whom tend to spend most of their time on online social platforms. These unhealthy patterns mostly affect people who tend to even use their mobile phones in bed at night causing irregular sleep patterns thus leading to a drop in their productivity.

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