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A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid: Critical Analysis

In the work “A Small Place” by Jamaica Kincaid, the author expresses her strong opinions concerning Antigua in a second person narrative. She expresses about how she resents the Antiguans because of their ignorance towards tourism, their corrupted education system, and the colonization in Antigua. She explains how they’re unaware that the tourist business could be a form of slavery and tourists exploit the Antiguan citizens that are in poverty for his or her pleasure. Kincaid additionally dislikes how Antiguans...
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Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place and Jessa Crispin’s The Unsettled: Comparative Essay

Although the tourism industry in developing countries seems to be a viable source for economic development, they are adversely affecting the livelihood of the locals residing there by glorifying and worsening their impoverished conditions further which Jamaica Kincaid’s ‘A Small Place’ and Jessa Crispin’s ‘The Unsettled’ emphasize on by introducing other concepts such as gentrification and corruption. While both passages highlight how complex the tourism industry is, Kincaid describes her distaste specifically towards the tourists. She described how the places...
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Representation Of Mother In Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

Have you ever had the feeling or thought that your mother acted and raised you differently than other mothers? There are many mothers with different perspectives and opinions on how a woman should be or behave in front of other people. In Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”, a mother teaches a girl about certain beliefs coming from society and culture at the time to be a “perfect” woman in society, while in Gary Soto’s “Looking for Work”, the mother does not take...
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Antiguan Struggle In Jamaica Kincaid's Essay A Small Place

Racism, oppression, abuse of power, exploitation, the privileged, a never-ending cycle of poverty and forgiving but not forgetting. Every single one of those atrocities occurs all over the world, and Antigua is a mere example of it. But the way Jamaica Kincaid brings it out in a worthy jeremiad is breathtaking. Jeremiads are long, mournful complaints or lamentations. A Small Place, written by Jamaica Kincaid is an overwhelmingly truthful but angering jeremiad discussing the problems in Antigua. Published in 1988,...
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Jamaica Kincaid: Breaking The Confinements Within One-Self

Constraints can limit oneself from reaching their highest potential, taking away someone’s identity and confining them to be seen in a specific manner. In the novel, Lucy written by Jamaica Kincaid the main character Lucy defies the restrictions of intersectional multiple oppressions and uses her writing as a sense of regaining herself. Lucy resists the constraints of gender, race, colonialism, and as an immigrant woman and through writings of her own and other artistic pursuits she gains a sense of...
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The Features Of New Journalism In A Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid And Intrusions By Melissa Febos

In the essay “Intrusions,” the author Melissa Febos writes about a terrifying stalking incident she endured while living in New York and working as a dominatrix. She recalls how a strange man used to stand outside her window at night, groaning and saying inappropriate things to her, which made her feel unsafe in her own home. Also, the essay “A small Place” begins with the author Jamaica Kincaid narrating the reader’s experiences and thoughts as a hypothetical tourist in Antigua....
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The Experience Of White Tourist On Antigua Island In A Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid

When reading Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place, the reader is placed within the shoes of a tourist visiting the island of Antigua. This tourist, in the eyes of Kincaid, is trying to escape their life for a moment from that of the Western world. In her mind, this tourist is a white, Western person who is unknowingly, or knowingly, condescending and patronizing. The tourist is someone who sees themselves as above the people who live in Antigua, making a clear...
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Class, Gender And Race Oppression In The Beauty And The Beast Or The Enormous Wound By Clarice Lispector And Lucy By Jamaica Kincaid

Race, gender and class are socially constructed ideologies that shape the experience of individuals. The first social hierarchy is racial oppression which focuses on a specific race with cruel restraints. This social form of oppression includes mistreatment or exploitation which is socially supported. The second social oppression is class oppression which involves the discrimination based on social class; the socio-economic status of an individual determines how society will treat that individual. The third social hierarchy is gender oppression which is...
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Autobiographical Aspects In The Novel Lucy By Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid’s novel Lucy is an autobiography which tells of the Kincaid as a teenage girl looking for a new life or a better life experience. Lucy, the name given to the author in the novel as well as the main character, is highly outspoken and very opinionated. Hoping to be ‘free’ and become the woman she longed to be, Lucy moved from her home in the Caribbean to a foreign place in the United States. To put it another...
2 Pages 818 Words

Influence of Caribbean Colonialism on the Structure of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Jamaica Kincaid's Novel ‘Lucy’

Jamaica Kincaid extensively exploits the relationship between a mother and her daughter through her literature pieces. ‘Lucy’ is a succinct depiction of this theme and exploits her troubled relationship with her mother. According to Barrio-Vilar (2016), Kincaid’s novel’s ‘Lucy’ is an allegory that seeks to expose the need for Caribbean countries to question and reject the influence of Western culture, politics, and economics to become more independent and have the autonomy to decide their future. The novel is centered on...
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Literary Devices in Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

People constantly think about whether they are attractive enough or not this ends up hurting people because they think that they are not good enough. People will take drastic measures in order to prove to people that they can be beautiful. However changing the way you look can cost you and not just money but also your life that is the lesson that Marge Piercy expresses in the poem “Barbie Doll”. On the other, hand Jamaica Kincaid in “Girl” talks...
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