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Difficulty pertaining to the acceptance of cultural differences is a prevalent motif throughout “Poisonwood Bible,” and is an idea that Kingsolver routinely reinforces through the implementation of allusion. The Price family, though having left Georgia to complete a religious mission in the Congo, attempted to maintain the cultural practices of a modern society, which eventually proved to be unsuccessful. While attempting to plant a garden upon his arrival in Kalinga, Nathan proceeded in using Western planting techniques, despite having been...
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An American novelist, poet, and activist once said: “In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful”. The author’s purpose in writing this essay was to inform and inspire some sort of appreciation for flowers and nature. Kingsolver effectively used figurative language, technical language, and connotation in “Called Out” to inform and inspire appreciation. The author uses many different types of figurative language throughout the text in hopes...
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Novels can oftentimes be said to be defined by the characters within it. The Poisonwood Bible follows the growth and development of each member of the Price family as they adjust to their new life here. One of the middle daughters, Leah experiences many changes throughout her time in the Congo. Throughout her experiences in the Congo, Leah’s perspective on her devotion to her father and religion changes through her exposure to the new environment and the people she meets,...
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Love holds the power to influence the strongest of one’s opinions. Portia de Rossi states that her wife Ellen DeGeneres “has completely changed the way I look at life”. Love is a complex, profound emotion that affects most people in their day-to-day lives. It means having a heartfelt connection with another individual, this is expressed in The Bean Trees and several other articles regarding love. Love can cause a person to form new viewpoints which may push them to take...
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The American writer, Barbara Kingsolver is a poet, novelist, and essayist. The political activist was born in Annapolis, Maryland in 1955. Her writings are mainly based on the survival of people in harsh and unreceptive environments. However, she manages to dig out the hidden beauty of life in even such circumstances. Kingsolver dedicates most of her works to environmental concerns and social justice for the people. As she ascribes importance to these subjects, her works often become successful in gaining...
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Barbara Kingsolver’s (born. April 8, 1955) long fiction is best characterized as contemporary versions of the Bildungsroman with a feminist twist. The main character ventures forth to develop herself and find her place in her community. Many books by women that incorporate such a quest portray punishment for women who explore issues of sexuality or who discover meaningful work in the world. Often these Bildungsromane reiterate a main female character’s struggle with the patriarchal response to her journey, as in...
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This was an odd moment for me to finally get around to reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer, which has been waiting on my bookshelf for ages. Bursting with energy and appreciation for all living things, the book reminds me that I am not a farmer, that I am not a naturalist––not in the true sense of those words, anyway. It offers a snapshot of my former ambitions that, for whatever reason, did not motivate or entice me in the way...
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