The Issue Of Fake News In Modern Journalism

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Today the term journalism is applied to popular publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, and to television news operations like Good Morning America and 60 Minutes. Journalists use their First Amendment right to tell the world a story. The political parties of the United States have sadly decreased news media in communications. Journalism has changed greatly since the colonial days. When newspapers were just delivered to one's door early in the morning with information around the world. Still then and now, Journalists have to have terrific abilities to take on this career. Journalism is a very competitive career, it takes great writing skills, terrific communication skills, and outstanding research abilities. Journalism is an important career, it provides news to the world. News is how everyone knows what is going on around them. Journalism is responsible for spreading current ideas. With journalism comes writing, writing the perfect story to tell the world is important. Writing skills and time management are necessary in journalism. Taking a four year college degree in journalism is required to have a job as a journalist. Once one is settled in as a journalist, their salary ranges from $30K to $120K yearly. The spread of fake news is one of the most problematic issues the world of journalism is facing. Journalism is an important way of viewing the past.

Journalists should be ready to support or explain the on-site reporting of a news story. Becoming a good journalist is learning how to research and review until you have what you need. Journalists are always researching, whether it is talking on the phone with 15 people a day, or interviewing 10 people a day. To be a successful journalist you must be willing to spend long hours researching and writing. Journalists must also be creative and aggressive. Many skills are necessary to be successful in this field, but with time and effort it could be accomplished. Education is the key to making it somewhere important in this world; education is something no one can take from you. To become a journalist you will need a high school diploma and at least 4 years of college. Your studies would be journalism, communications, mass media, or broadcast journalism. When going to school for a degree in journalism, a student might be required to apply for an internship in a nearby journalism work place. This way students can have a taste of what it would be like before they go off on their own. During college, professors will teach students how to properly write, use technology necessary for journalism, operate a camera, and present confidently. All upcoming journalists must be prepared for the world to come.

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Communication is the key to becoming a great journalist. Communication allows you to open up to the world, and voice the opinion of those who are afraid to speak. If you’re a confident journalist, you will move up in the career and be taken seriously. Once you move up, the salary will too. News is the communication that keeps the uninformed, informed. Communication skills show the Journalists to be taken seriously, and shows confidence. Other networks will notice this confidence and invite you to a better job. Great journalists get paid very well. As a beginner journalist, most start off with a salary of $30K to $60K yearly, depending on your skills and what network you start from. As you move up a journalist could receive higher job openings and pay. Popular journalists could receive up to $120K yearly.

Without research, a journalist does not have a story to tell. Research allows the journalist to put together a juicy story to tell the world. No research makes a story fake news. Fake news will kill journalism as a career in 10 to 15 years. Researching a story permits the Journalist to collect all of the data, then they place all the pieces together to create this outstanding story.

Without enough research, a bad researched story could place your story into fake news. Fake news is one of the most problematic issues the media faces. Which is why if fake news keeps spreading, journalism and media will be dead in 10 years time, because the public won’t trust journalists anymore. Journalism has already begun to die as a career choice because the world receives their news from cell phones and the internet. The internet has changed journalism forever. When fake news stops spreading, journalism will be based on technology skills instead of writing.

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