Should Fake News Be Banned: Argumentative Essay

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In 2018, the French government enacted a law that allows judges to order the removal of fake news from social media platforms. “The law, conceived by President Emmanuel Macron, was rejected twice by the Senate before being passed by the parliament on Tuesday. It is considered Western Europe’s first attempt to officially ban false material. Macron has said he believes that the internet must be regulated” (Fiorentino, 2018). Fake news is a threat to democracy that’s why France and many other democratic countries have decided to ban it. It’s a threat as it creates mistrust between the people and the government. The voter turnout gets affected by the fake news as people don’t want to vote for the people who they believe to be lying all the time. Fake news is conceived, written, published, and disseminated for the purpose of swaying public opinion, in many cases towards the far political right (Burshtein, 2017). Fake news is also a “Singapore is the latest country to have passed a law against fake news, joining others like Germany, Malaysia, France, and Russia”(Schetzer, 2019). Fake news causes confusion and citizens are less informed about what is going on in the country and the world. “Fake news stories are constructed with the goal of drawing attention and are therefore often quite fantastical and implausible” (Pennycook, Rand, 2018). Fake news should be banned because it is biased and tries a push the political agenda and opinion of the maker.

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Fake news has also caused increased skepticism about various medical practices such as vaccines. Many people around the world have questioned the effectiveness of vaccines due to the various fake news articles and populism. “This Medical misinformation is responsible for the largest measles outbreak in a quarter century” (Kalter, 2019). There is little evidence that vaccines cause any health problems in children, in fact, vaccines have helped in eliminating many diseases like polio and smallpox. The makers of fake news don’t care about the health of the millions of people around the world, but they only want to push their agenda putting millions at health risks. I believe that something that could lead to the spread of deadly diseases around the globe is not a threat to free speech and expression.

In conclusion, I would reiterate my arguments and why I believed that fake news should be banned. My first argument talked about the role of the government, the risks of violence, and other disruptions caused by fake news. My second argument revolves around the role of fake news in Trump’s win. In my last argument, I talked about the international government’s action in combating fake news and other issues caused by fake news. I am totally firm in my beliefs and don’t think that banning fake news is against freedom of speech and expression due to the reasons I discussed above.

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