Rhetorical Analysis on Fake News

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Fake news is not a new concept anymore, in fact, it has been around from time to time that news began to be widely circulated by print. Recently, it has gained superiority in modern media. The next presidential election will be held on November 2020 which means the political heat has intensified even more than ever. On this occasion, it creates several unknown news widespread over the United States. In 'Trump blasts 'fake news' polls, says internal numbers show him beating every 2020 Dem', which is an article from Fox News written by Sam Dorman, showing that President Trump was behind Democratic candidates in the polls released lately for the 2020 Presidential campaign. The article responds to this claim because President Trump also claims that those polls are part of the fake news. Believe it or not, those polls have the ability to change the mentality of people on the existing political status of the candidates. Political poll shows that if a candidate is leading the poll, people may believe that the other candidates are not as highly rated by the majority. It could make people change their political stand. Some research also states that people are more likely to detect news more credible than fake news, which means it is difficult to control what people believe once mixed news is released to the public. That's why those 'fake news' polls can change the point of view of each person in their political stand. The widespread news that cannot be verified has increased leading to reduced trust in the news articles that are posted online daily by various news outlets (Tandoc Jr, 137). The reduction in trust among even the major news outlets has increased due to the attacks, especially in President Trump's administration.

Eddie begins his writing by straightly pointing out the truth that Coronavirus can no longer be contained. The credibility of his writing is well established by his intelligent tone. Eddie's way of persuasion clarify his argument, he

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Along with the spread of Coronavirus, Eddie also appeals to the readers' emotions by bringing the most reasonable theory surrounding this pandemic, the government of China, unfortunately, released the virus. The fact that China didn't publicize those infections but hide them from their own citizens might be they thought they could cover it up from the public. Until they couldn't do it anymore, this pandemic has already spread throughout the world. That causes every country to lose their guards, and now it has become the biggest problem that even the US doesn't have an answer to yet.

Overall, Eddie has persuasive writing in terms of describing how bad is the Coronavirus spreading a global scope right now and showing detail of evidence that China's government tried to hide from the truth. He does a good job listing all evidence that shows and proves Coronavirus is one of the biggest problems at this time. But that is not all of it, besides that, Eddie brings up Coronavirus's origin that which didn't randomly happen but there is a dark side about China's bioweapon to defeat America (e.g. to dominate the world).

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