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World Hunger Essays

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A Decrease In World Hunger With An Increase In Food Production

Introduction In Bjorn Lomborg article, The Truth About the Environment, he discusses the four big environmental fears that environmentalists worry about although he argues that environmental conditions are better now then they have ever been in the past. Lomborg makes the argument of there being more food produced in the world now then there has ever been throughout the history of humans in contrast with a significant decrease in world hunger. In the article he elaborates on his counter-claim by...
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World Hunger: The UK Example

Hunger in the UK When discussing hunger as a global challenge, we usually relate the topic to continents such as Africa, Asia and even some parts of south America. Since the focus is heavily directed to those continents, society tends to forget that the more developed countries also struggle with hunger. In this text I will put more light on the forgotten countries, or to be more direct, the UK. My text will be based on one simple question. Why...
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World Hunger Problem: Biological Stress Factors

World hunger is a critical problem that the world faces today and it is closely linked to many biological stressors that caused this issue at such a global scale. With the global population growing and urbanizing at such an exponential rate, a solution to end world hunger is becoming more challenging for scientists. Statistically, we would need to produce almost 100% more of the major food crops we do today, to have enough food by the year 2050 (​Is There...
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Genetically Modified Food As A Solution To Ending World Hunger

Genetically modified (GM) foods have been a popular topic of debate for many years. The New Humanitarian reported that a clause was put into the 2013 United States agriculture bill to ban their department of agriculture from stopping, or preventing, the growth of GM crops (Kindra, 2013). Which leads to question what the real issue is? GM crops, or the people managing the crops? In this essay, it will be argued that the improvement of knowledge and skill can make...
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How To Decrease World Hunger And Poverty

World hunger and poverty is such a major and ongoing issue, that you don’t see many people doing anything about it anymore. We have so many people living in poverty inside and out of the U.S., but no one is acting on it to decrease this problem. We have the resources and food to do it, but for some reason we won’t. I believe world hunger and poverty can be eliminated by acting on certain deeds that can help the...
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Essay on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Issues of Poverty in Bangladesh

About 32% of the population in Bangladesh does not have the minimum amount of income required for a person to afford basic necessities, hence they would fall under the absolute poverty category (Imam, Islam & Hossin, 2017). There is also a further 19% of the population falls into extreme or chronic poverty (Imam, Islam & Hossin, 2017). However, Bangladesh continues to amaze with its incredible economic growth and development (Rajan, 2018). Despite this, half the population of the country continues...
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The Politics Of Hunger And Malnutrition: A Cause For Conflict?

Introduction In this essay, the focus is to examine food insecurity as the root cause of conflict in modern societies. In this context, it would be pertinent to use the term conflict analysis to mean the systematic study of the causes motivating actors and the dynamics of conflict. Dealing with any conflict would require that it would first be analyzed and understood. Before any intervention can be initiated in the context of conflict, conflict analysis is the most important step...
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Food Hunger and Food Waste Worldwide: Analytical Essay

Most people believe starvation exists in poverty-infested neighborhoods because they themselves don’t realize hard times can strike at any moment for anyone no matter what their economic status is. However that’s usually the lesser problem. Without a doubt, the problem is not being able to get food to the individuals who need it. Each day people wake up, take a shower, drink a cup of tea or coffee, have their breakfast and do different ordinary things they consider normal without...
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Solutions for World Hunger: Analytical Essay

Reaction Paper #2- Factors that occurred to create world hunger and solutions that can change all aspects of human life. World hunger is a prominent issue today that many people around the world try to find solutions for. World hunger is caused mainly by poverty, job instability, war/natural disasters, and climate change (‘What Causes Hunger’, 2019). The country Yemen is faced by all these factors leading them to have around 30 million people hungry because of the lack of resources...
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Possibility of GMOs in Solving World Hunger

In this article of Food Technology Magazine– we look at the facts, examples, ethics, social implications and research into genetically modified crops to help solve world hunger – Anjali Grillo states multiple examples of how GMO foods can help solve world hunger and examines the social and ethical advantages and disadvantages surrounding GM foods. Part 1: Rice naturally photosynthesizes through the C3 pathway which is less efficient than the C4 pathway utilized primarily by grass crops such as maize and...
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Role of Company Zambrero and Mexican Cuisine in Fighting against World Hunger

Intro: Zambrero launched its first store and ‘Mexican with a mission’ in 2005 when entrepreneur Sam Prince realised that Australia lacked a healthy choice of Mexican cuisine. Sam was motivated to start ‘Mexican with a mission’ after being raised by both his parents and hearing what life was like for them while living in Sri Lanka. Through these experiences, it drove him to create an idea that helped the less unfortunate, also known as ‘Mexican with a mission’ or also...
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How Can GM Food Be an Effective Way to Solve the Problem of Hunger in the Third World? Essay

The World Food Program estimates that 795 million people worldwide – mostly in the third world – experience hunger. Starvation may worsen in events of global climate-change effects like drought (Effiong & Noor, 2019). Indeed, recent natural disasters in major food-exporting nations in Africa and Asia could aggravate adverse food situation (Qaim & Kouser, 2013). Fortunately, recent scientific discoveries have shown that genetic modification of food and gene-editing can provide effective ways of addressing starvation. This paper shows that GM...
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Using Genetically Modified Crops to Alleviate World Hunger

This response will analyse and evaluate the scientific studies discussed in a source related to using genetically modified crops to alleviate world hunger. Suggested improvements and extensions to the investigation will be made as well as a conclusion. Introduction Gerry (2015) proposes that genetically modified crops can be utilised to assist in solving some of the world’s most worrisome issues such as world hunger, which affects over 800 million people worldwide. Crops can be genetically modified to grow in more...
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