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Poverty and hunger are nothing new to third-world countries, especially to the people of Ethiopia, as almost half of the people live below the poverty line. Many of the people affected by this are children under the age of 15. Unfortunately, as these children work day and night on the streets to provide for their families, they are exposed to many bad things such as drugs. With a limited perception of these issues, I thought this only happened in the...
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When dealing with your mind it tends to play tricks on you. If you are hungry your emotions can switch from being hungry to hangry, which is “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger”. People have experienced hunger as a negative state, having that hunger can shift your perception into a negative emotion. Sometimes you aren’t aware that it is affecting your state of emotion. There has been evidence that emotion impacts your everyday life. People are aware that...
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Kids who do not eat enough in the first three years of their lives grow up at a serious disadvantage in life. They may be faced with conditions like asthma and anemia and have a higher chance of being hospitalized. Kids who grow up not getting enough food also struggle in school and other social situations. Growing up in this new way of life with a global pandemic, masks, etc. makes it hard for some families to make the money...
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You might think that America with a highly developed economy would have no issue with hunger, but you will be shocked by lots of findings. The myth of hunger, stating that ‘there’s a hunger crisis in other parts of the world – not in America’ should be shattered because of the statistical evidence of the presence of hunger in America and anecdotal experiences of families facing hunger in the United States. Even if the media has failed to help disseminate...
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After a calculated and convincing survey, the United Nations have narrowed it down to 17 salient Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs in the year 2015. Among them, what might be often overlooked is the second goal. Which, according to me, can put an end to the global crisis. So, what is the second SDG? ‘Zero Hunger’ is what the UN aims to achieve by the year 2030. The goal targets to eradicate hunger and all forms of malnutrition and to...
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Hunger is defined as short-term physical distress caused by persistent food scarcity. People suffering from chronic hunger do not have the privilege to access nutritious food often due to food insecurity and poverty. When chronic hunger gets aggravated to a global level, it is referred to as world hunger. Hunger can lead to poor nutrition and stunt growth. There is enough food produced to feed the global population; however, in 2019, around 690 million people suffered from hunger and malnutrition...
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It has been a problem for years, but only a few have decided to join and support the cause to solve the world problem. Focusing on America, one sixth of the population in the country suffers from hunger. This starts to become a bigger issue as climate change starts permanently affecting agricultural and leaving less food. However, there is a simple, but complex way to fix this problem and that is realizing and manipulating other beneficial food sources and creating...
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Child hunger is a big problem in the United States and around the world. Lately, child hunger has been hitting even harder than it has already been in the past years before 2020. This is because people are losing their jobs because of Covid-19. People aren't being able to get money for food, the only way the kids get to eat is by lunch at the school, which is not that much. Covid-19 has left many families desperate to even...
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The number of people going hungry everyday has been increasing in the world in the past 3 years. More than 820 million people are going hungry everyday around the world (FAO, 2019). According to Chakona and Shackleton (2017), Drimie & Mclachlan (2013) and Pereira, Cuneo & Twine (2014), South Africa is declared food secure at national level. However, it can be argued that this is not a true reflection because a lot of households are still living below the food...
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Honesty, an often-discussed yet seldom-understood virtue, is pivotal in shaping our character and guiding our interactions with others. It transcends merely telling the truth, encompassing authenticity, integrity, and fairness in our thoughts, words, and actions. This essay seeks to delve into the concept of honesty, explore its importance, and illuminate its multifaceted role in our personal lives and the broader society. Through this exploration, we will unearth how honesty, in its profound simplicity, lays the foundation for trust, character development,...
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