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Outcome of Malnutrition in Adult Patients: Literature Review

Literature review Only a few studies have been carried out to determine the associated factors with the outcome of malnutrition and recovery time in adult HIV patients. As the researcher searched, there is no published literature on the time to nutritional recovery from malnutrition in adult HIV patients in Ethiopia. 2.1.1 Median recovery time Few researchers struggled to determine the median time recovery from malnutrition in HIV patients in their recent study. A study on Descriptive characteristics and health outcomes...
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Essay on Malnutrition in Pakistan: Analysis of Over- and Undernutrition

Introduction Malnutrition is defined as deficiencies of energy or imbalances of intake food. The most acceptable form of malnutrition is poor availability of food or not having sufficient amounts to eat. Malnutrition can be any kind of situation in which the body is not getting the proper amount of nutrients that are basically important for the survival of mankind. The worst form of malnutrition is starvation in which a person does not eat sufficiently. Malnutrition is the greatest single source...
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Essay on Issues of Malnutrition in Modern Society

Abstract The issue of undernutrition in today’s world is applicable to many settings throughout society. The prevalence of this issue does not seem to be decreasing despite the many medical advances in this area in the 21st century and there does not seem to be as much significance on this issue despite its importance in clinical care. Therefore, this essay will investigate the nutritional care of malnourished patients in today’s society and will examine why despite the increase in emphasis...
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Critical Analysis of the Articles on the Issues of Malnutrition

When living on a college campus where there’s an abundance of dining centers, restaurants, and grocery stores in every direction, it’s easy to ignore the problems that so much of the world faces when it comes to malnutrition and hunger. While hunger in some form is a problem in all countries, the Global South and especially regions in Africa are highlighted and thought of first when thinking about the topics of malnutrition and hunger. Not only do these issues impact...
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Analytical Essay on Malnutrition: Nutritional Status of Children

Literature review 1 Nutritional status and its indicators The concept of nutritional status has been referred to as the condition of the body with respect to each nutrient and to the entire state of the body’s weight and condition (UNAP, 2011). This nutritional status equilibrium is antagonized by three processes namely, reduced intake of food; changes in utilization of food and nutrients and increase in nutritional requirements. A destabilization in this equilibrium will normally imply a loss or reduction in...
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The Nurse’s Role In Health Promotion For Malnutrition Patient’s Through Nutrition Education

Caring for every patient’s nutritional status is crucial when it comes to the role of a nurse. This is crucial for the nurse and their patient because the patient’s life could be in danger if they do not have a healthy diet or they are not provided with instructions on how to maintain a healthy diet. Every patient needs a different diet, and nurses need to be educated on what each of their patients need nutritionally to enhance their health...
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Major Factors Which Are Adding To The Burden Of Child Malnutrition In Bangladesh

Malnutrition in children’s is becoming a key worldwide health challenge given the widespread nature of the population it affects. Children can also encounter various types of malnutrition: 3.62% of children under the age of five are both stunted and wasted, while 1.87% of children under the age of five are both stunted and overweight worldwide (6). It is related to the under nourishment or over nourishment of nutrients in an individual. The under nourishment section involves stunting, wasting, micro-nutrient deficiency...
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Risk Factors Of Malnutrition

Australia’s indigenous health status of the people continues to be worst compared to other sub groups. According to a research study that there is little improvement over the past decades about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s health status. Their adult life expectancy is decreased by 15-20 years, twice mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases, death rate was 17 times higher due to diabetes and 10 times more due to pneumonia compared to non-indigenous Australians. Even with the improvements in perinatal, they...
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Double Burden Of Malnutrition

The definition of double burden of malnutrition is coexistence of undernutrition along with overweight and obesity, or diet-related non-communicable diseases across the life course. There are multiple forms of malnutrition including: stunting, wasting, micronutrient deficiencies (vitamins and minerals), overweight or obesity, and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Double burden of malnutrition is more evident in lower and especially middle income countries who experienced an economical growth leading to nutritional, epidemiological and demographic transitions which resulted in the coexistence of both under and...
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Malnutrition As A Global Problem

Malnutrition is a significant public health issue facing the world today. It is seen in every country. Worldwide, nearly 2 billion people are overweight and nearly half a million are underweight (WHO, 2016). Generally defined as “deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in energy intake or nutrients” (WHO, 2016). If malnutrition occurs during pregnancy or pre-two years of age – negative physical and mental development patterns can become permanent (Burchi et al, 2011). Malnutrition exists in two main groups – undernutrition: historically...
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Fecal Transplant May Be The Ultimate Cure For Acute Malnutrition

In 2017, I was privileged to study, for a short period, in Kyungpook National University. Three other students and I, were given a task of reviewing latest studies, which showed the relationship between malnutrition and gut microbiome, and to think of an appropriate solution to malnutrition based on gut microbiota. This is what I will briefly share with you. Under-nutrition is caused by a lot of factors, the immediate causes being inadequate diet and diseases. However, research has shown that...
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China: The Efficient Approach To Malnutrition In The Countryside

When you take a trip to China, you mainly take a trip to the bigger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou, very popular tourist areas. However, rarely any outsiders visit the countryside, an area so scenic, yet suffering. In the countryside, hundreds of people are starving or eat imbalanced diets. The reasons include less money, overpopulation, and sometimes bad weather, and as a result, many of the young and old perish. It is estimated that around 12.7 million kids...
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An Analysis Of Malnutrition In Africa

Abstract This paper examines the relationship between climate change and malnutrition in Africa, specifically through the scope of rice production. Although Africa depends heavily on rice for sustenance to feed its growing population, this paper explores alternative options to rice due to rice’s nutrient depletion over time. The paper first delves into the history of rice in Africa and compares African rice to the rice currently grown in Africa. Climate change is then discussed, specifically focusing on the effect of...
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The Aspects Of Malnutrition In India

The people in India do not have the money or funds needed to buy food for themselves and their family, causing the worldwide issue of malnutrition. In particular, TLQ “It is estimated 23.6% of Indian population, or about 276 million people, lived below $1.25 per day on purchasing power parity”(action). About a quarter of the population currently living in India today, struggles with financial tasks to get them through their day, meaning surviving. All of those 276 million individuals, including...
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To What Extent Does Political Corruption Impact Malnutrition In Children?

Abstract Political corruption influences various state welfare sectors, thereby impacting various socio-economic and public health areas, which affect millions of people around the globe. One of these focus areas is malnutrition among children, which this research design proposal investigates the relationship into. With support of existing literature in related fields and publicly available data, this work aims to answer the following question: to what extent does political corruption affect malnutrition in children? The research offers insight to the hypotheses through...
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Relationship Between Malnutrition And Infection

The strong relationship between malnutrition and infection was originally described by Scrimshaw et al. (47). From this framework, much investigation was done in this area and there is a total agreement among authors that mortality is significantly more elevated in undernourished child compared to healthy ones. The study by Man et al. (48), which included a large population of hospitalized Gambian children, clearly illustrated the relationship between undernourishment, characterized by lower weight relative to age, and higher mortality indexes associated...
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Combating Malnutrition And Loss Of Food Productivity

WHO describes malnutrition as imbalance, deficiency or excesses in a person’s diet in context of nutrients and energy. The statement covers two wider groups, one being under-nutrition, which is caused due to insufficiency and or inadequacy in the food source resulting in stunting, underweight, deficiency diseases, wasting, etc. While the other one being dietary diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancers in the alimentary canal. Malnutrition affects people all around the globe hence we need to tackle it like a species....
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Malnutrition Evidence And Solutions For Pakistan

Nearly one in three persons globally suffers from at least one form of malnutrition: wasting, stunting, vitamin and mineral deficiency, overweight or obesity and diet-related Non-Communicable Diseases1. Malnutrition is widely known as under-nutrition until and unless it is not specified. It accounts for at least half of all childhood deaths worldwide. Malnutrition is considered as fundamental cause of morbidity and mortality among the children2,3. It also poses a risk to children’s physical and mental development, which results in poor academic...
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The Politics Of Hunger And Malnutrition: A Cause For Conflict?

Introduction In this essay, the focus is to examine food insecurity as the root cause of conflict in modern societies. In this context, it would be pertinent to use the term conflict analysis to mean the systematic study of the causes motivating actors and the dynamics of conflict. Dealing with any conflict would require that it would first be analyzed and understood. Before any intervention can be initiated in the context of conflict, conflict analysis is the most important step...
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Factors Influencing Malnutrition Among The Elderly In Loikaw Township, Myanmar

Ageing is not a disease, but it is a process. Nonetheless, due to risky behaviors, genetic factors, social environment or personalities, ageing may be correlated with some worsening in senses and non-communicable diseases.1 Elderly people encountered physical and mental problems.1 The United Nations (UN) defines elderly by 60 years but World Health Organization (WHO) defines elderly, not by time (years), but by new roles, loss of previous roles, or inability to contribute effectively to society. In Myanmar, elderly means the...
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Steps To Prevent Malnutrition Among Children To Be Focused On School

In the article titled, “Developing Sustainability” a website called Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) focuses on considering at working together to provide FMSC Mannapack meals it is creating food security to help communities and families that can’t be able to afford food; in fact, individuals will recover their steadiness to supply for themselves continually. The webpage addresses it is troublesome to ensure future generations do not go hungry; although, (FMSC) created various sustainability programs to work toward poverty alleviation. Furthermore,...
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The Factors And Causes Of Malnutrition

Introduction The term malnutrition describes as a deficiency excess or imbalanced of wide range of nutrients resulting adverse effects on body which leads to poor health which increase the risk of malnutrition. In most cases malnutrition is a treatable condition that can be managed by optimizing proper food diet or by using oral nutritional supplements to patients where necessary to help maintain an adequate nutritional state. Malnutrition can refer as individuals who are either under or over nourished. Similarities Lifestyle...
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The Major Malnutrition Issue In Bangladesh

Introduction Malnutrition is one of the major issues for child mortality in low and middle income nations (Kouam, 2014). Around 2 billion inhabitants globally suffering from a different point of malnutrition (Kamruzzaman, 2017). Malnutrition is a vital cause of death of almost yearly 45% children has died globally (WHO, 2018). It mostly occurs in the first five years of life (Aheto, 2015). Malnutrition in children is harmful. According to WHO (2018), malnutrition is defined as excesses of food, deficiency, imbalances...
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Issues In Canadian Geography: Poverty & Malnutrition

Introduction What is poverty you may ask? According to Google poverty is “the state of being extremely poor” in other words poverty is having an insufficient amount of money to fulfill the basic needs of life. Many Canadians today struggle with the ongoing conflicts of provision of resources due to their social status. Canada is not unaware of the Canadians who are facing poverty in this day and age however they have also neglected this part of the society in...
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The Effects Of Malnutrition On Human Body

Abstract This paper offers knowledge into the key concepts behind not only nutrition, but key points regarding malnutrition as well. It speaks on how important it is to understand that an individual must take care of their body the correct way to avoid any unforeseen illnesses, and stresses the importance of understanding how vital it is to understand what role the foods you eat play in your health. In addition, it speaks on macronutrient which refer to the three main...
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The Prevalence Of Malnutrition Among Children Who Attended Mwananyamala Regional Referral Hospital

INTRODUCTION Background Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and or nutrients. This means a condition which result from eating a diet in which one or more nutrients are either not enough or are too much to causes health problems. It is frequently part of a vicious cycle that includes poverty and disease. It usually refers to a number of diseases, each with a specific cause related to one or more nutrients. Examples are...
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The Peculiarities Of Malnutrition Among Children In India

Introduction Malnutrition means deficiency of proper nutrition in diet due to not having enough food. It mainly involves calories, protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. It has also divided into different types of under nutrition such as stunting, wasting, underweight and no proper vitamins and minerals (Pathak & Singh., 2011). My essay topic area is malnutrition among children of India. In India, there is highest number of children at world level suffering from malnutrition (Pathak & Singh., 2011). Poverty is the main...
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The Causes Of The Crohn Disease And Malnutrition As A Result

Introduction Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory idiopathic chronic disease. The disease mostly affects a part of the gastrointestinal tract beginning from the mouth to the anus. Crohn disease brings about complications in the digestive system of a human being. The disease is thought to be caused by bacteria that live in the intestines. The disease also could be associated with genes of particular people. The interaction between intestinal bacteria and the environment causes an immune response, which is not normal....
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Malnutrition And Dehydration In Nursing Homes

Healthy nutrition is essential; especially for the elderly because at this stage of their lives, they have a lower tolerance to hunger and a weaker immune system; which makes them more prone to suffer from diseases. Unchecked malnutrition and dehydration can lead to severe health complications and worse still, death. Therefore, the need to carefully monitor the eating pattern, fluid intake and overall wellbeing of the aged explains why most people move their elderly loved ones to nursing homes in...
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Developing Microalgae-Based Fortified Wheat Flour To Address Iron Malnutrition In India

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) affects 2 billion people worldwide. It has been estimated that iron deficiency (ID), without anemia, is at least twice as frequent. In India alone, 600 million people are afflicted by this nutritional inadequacy. Current iron fortificants either suffer from poor bioavailability of negatively affect the sensory profile of foods. Additionally, the use of iron fortificants and supplements may also cause adverse effects in children, especially in malaria-epidemic areas. Tata-Cornell has, therefore, made it a top priority...
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