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The Aspects Of Malnutrition In India

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The people in India do not have the money or funds needed to buy food for themselves and their family, causing the worldwide issue of malnutrition. In particular, TLQ “It is estimated 23.6% of Indian population, or about 276 million people, lived below $1.25 per day on purchasing power parity”(action). About a quarter of the population currently living in India today, struggles with financial tasks to get them through their day, meaning surviving. All of those 276 million individuals, including adults and children, suffer in society with no upbringings available except for their very low wage job. Without money ready available, the poverty stricken social class in India fails to provide nutrients for their body as well as their children’s.

These people living in poverty are not able to buy the food that they need to sustain their hunger. Generally, the markets provided in the towns of India are difficult to access due to a lack of transportation. The bus fares can consume and erode away at one’s pocket money, and individuals living in the streets or small, run down houses would be very lucky if they owned a car. Another cause is the inadequate funds to provide for the purchases of food at markets(action). TLQ Single mothers and their children are identified as the most probable to end up in poverty. Predominantly, women who work, make less money than men which results in a reverberation of penury. Without a husband, or second parent in the picture, single parent families are forced to have a life full of burdens rather than a family would have with two supporters. India is one of the prime examples of a good amount of the society living in extreme poverty which dwells into the malnutrition of most of the population and young children especially(poverty).

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India’s population increases every day. With more people coming into the world, food becomes scarce among the families who live in the streets. TLQ India emerges as a growing example of malnutrition and hunger. The leaders of this subcontinent parade and flourish over their impressive economic boom but take no necessary actions in helping the victims of starvation as they continue to eat less and less to the point of death. They are failing to provide basic needs to their population of around 1.2 billion.(India).

Furthermore, TLQ “India adds about 18 million people annually to its population, and is projected to overtake China by 2040”(India). With eighteen million people coming in each year, it also means eighteen million more mouths to feed each day. The growing population in India will only worsen the malnutrition rates. These children and infants coming into the world, grow up struggling to survive and face the brutal realities of starvation. When India overtakes the mass population of China, starvation rates will have no choice but to heighten unless necessary action is taken.

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