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Role of Company Zambrero and Mexican Cuisine in Fighting against World Hunger

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Zambrero launched its first store and ‘Mexican with a mission’ in 2005 when entrepreneur Sam Prince realised that Australia lacked a healthy choice of Mexican cuisine. Sam was motivated to start ‘Mexican with a mission’ after being raised by both his parents and hearing what life was like for them while living in Sri Lanka. Through these experiences, it drove him to create an idea that helped the less unfortunate, also known as ‘Mexican with a mission’ or also known as ‘Plate 4 Plate’. This meant that for every burrito or burrito bowl bought from Zambrero, a meal is given to someone in need.

Ethics and social responsibility

Ethical marketing is less of a marketing strategy but more like a set of rules/regulations or limits that keeps marketing activities from crossing any lines that they shouldn’t. Ethical marketing mainly exists to promote fairness, responsibility and honesty throughout all advertisements. It is very hard to know whether or not a business is behaving ethically or unethically because of individuals and their judgment of ‘what is right? Or what is wrong’ (Janice Cain, 2019). For example, a company’s product rarely meets what is expected of it but due to over-exaggeration and unverified claims. They trick their consumers into buying their products without ever ensuring that their products will ever work to a certain extent. This type of marketing is very unethical and that’s why ethical marketing exists to keep this kind of unethical behaviour from reoccurring. (Bohat, Ala. 2019)

Zambrero believes in ending world hunger and for this to happen the business needs the full trust of its consumers. They need to prove to their consumers that their plate 4 plate program is used for the sole purpose of ending world hunger and not for profit-gaining purposes. Zambreros has done just that, despite not gaining profits from their plate 4 plate program, they still donate a plate of food every time a burrito or bowl of food is bought from Zambrero. They promised that their product and business would do its purpose to a certain extent, that purpose includes helping end world hunger. This proves that Zambrero has not failed the ethical side of their business because they promised their customers that to end world hunger, they would need their help. Every time a customer buys food from Zambrero, they directly contribute to helping end world hunger. Zambreros with the help of its customers has managed to donate over 34 Million Meals to developing countries that aren’t as fortunate as us. (Zambrero, 2019)

Comparison and Recommendations:

Stakeholders are defined by Freeman (1991) as, “any group or individual who can affect, or is affected by the activities of the organisation.” Stakeholders are divided into two groups – external and internal stakeholders. External stakeholders include governing and regulating bodies, trade unions, local communities and the media.[1] Internal stakeholders refer to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.[2]

The stakeholder theory (Freeman & Reed, 1983) suggests that a business's business is not only to make a profit, but to consider the responsibilities if any stakeholders were to be affected by the business’s trading activities. Stakeholders must be taken into consideration as they determine whether a business will thrive or not. The responsibility of marketers is to ensure that the product or service means something to its customers in order to sustain a long and happy customer relationship.[3]

Zambreros marketers have created a positive relationship between the business and it’s customers by giving customers a sense of purpose and accomplishment by donating a plate to someone in need every time a customer purchases food from it’s stores. Zambreros have not only made it their mission to beat world hunger but have made it their consumers mission too! This has created an incentive to purchase and continue purchasing products, therefore showing ethical responsibility by helping those who are less fortunate than others, whilst still advertising and distributing their product in order to make a profit. Since ‘Mexican with a mission’ started, over 33,203,922 meals have been donated to someone in need and each day is continuing to grow more.[4]

[1] Textbook – pg. 647

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There are minimal recommendations that can be made toward Zambrero. Their process of work is very effective and helps a very large number of people who would otherwise struggle to find a meal. If Zambrero were to change the way in which they operate, they could lose their reputation as being a company who strongly and directly fights against world hunger. If Zambrero were to change or add anything, they could potentially aim to start helping to feed to homeless as well as children in 3rd world countries. In doing this Zambrero would be taking on an additional responsibility but would be feeding many more people across the globe. This would also show that Zambrero as a company are aiming to help everyone in need and do not want to leave anyone hungry. With all, feeding the homeless could potentially be too much for the business and it could damage Zambrero unless they were to open many new stores in order for purchases to increase.

Another recommendation that can be made toward Zambrero is to advance their current advertisement strategies. Although Zambrero is successful, the advertisement that is currently being used is not very effective in getting the brand name out there. Adding advertisements to T.V. or radio would benefit Zambrero greatly and would aid in the increase of consumers.

The way in which Zambrero work and function is beneficial of all current stakeholders and there are not many changes that could be made to improve the company any further as they are already very successful.

As a company Zambrero are, in short, trying to beat world hunger. It is the main goal of the entire company and has been since the beginning. Zambrero have successfully created the Plate 4 Plate initiative in order to do this. This initiative has so far meant that over 34 million meals have been donated to those who are in desperate need of food, showing that the action of Zambrero have been extremely effective toward all stakeholders. Following on from the stakeholder theory presented previously, Zambrero are honest and trustworthy when it comes to their products and stakeholders. The company has products that customers can be satisfied with as they meet all legal requirements/standards. Zambrero started up in Canberra and also holds strong relationships with other countries across the globe. The strongest relationships are with those that receive meals from the Plate 4 Plate initiative. Zambrero show to be following quite strongly with the points shown in the stakeholder theory resulting in the company being ethical in its business operations.


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