Advertisements: Amazing Power To Influence Society And Business

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The purpose of the advertisement - An instrument, idea, program, which is used for the promotion of the country, is called an advertisement. The purpose of advertising is to spread the related object or message far and wide.

Multiple types of ads - There are several types of ads. Social advertisements include dowry, intoxication, family planning etc. Various programs, rallies, and advertisements of movements also come under it. Some advertisements are related to the purchase and sale of marriages, jobs, property. The most popular and engaging ads are - Business Advertising | Traders and industrialists use extremely attractive advertisements to sell their goods far and wide.

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Role of advertisements in influencing the decision - what goods the person buys - the biggest role of ads in it. Any person standing at the shop can choose famous items from different objects. Regardless of the best soap available in the market, but the customer buys them only those who have heard the advertisement from them. When a man is deceived in so many variations, advertisements are helpful in making decisions

Social Responsibility for Ads - Advertisements are effective. Therefore their social responsibility too is very big. Often misleading advertisements are given to sell goods. Charming stars are also used to sell wrong and contaminated goods. Shahrukh Khan was told that he should not advertise harmful drinks like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. But they put their responsibility on the government in the greed of money.

The world of advertising says that everything runs for free. Yeah, exactly! but they are not literal by the word free or I should say it even has some terms and conditions made so vividly inconspicuous using an asterisk, likely to make fool out of their beloved customers ( or can be regarded as soft and easy ‘targets’ )There is complete freedom to use all the price and penalty. By the way, these freedoms have not been given to them; they have produced them for themselves. Just by doing anything, these companies have to deliver their products among the people, and by creating a place in the public's mind, they have to fight the mindset.

To all the people of this generation, I think you all or most of all must remember well, in the '90s, an advertisement came from Savola. In it, when a young child is leaving home, he is stopped by giving greed to Jalebi. It was a long-time shadow among the people. In the streets and in schools, we used to listen to how many children did not know it. It did not disturb the viewers anywhere, and Savola probably had made room in the house for this reason.

Now if we look at today's picture, our world of advertisements is changing every day. If you look carefully, these changes will make you look restless.

More recently, the bank HDFC launched its new ad, in which a small child has been shown to be non-negotiable. The child's father builds an artificial leg for him, and the child carries the kathak with the help of her.

Now, if we look through a vigilance, this advertisement seems very simple and dear, but on the other hand, it also disturbs the audience mentally.

Another similar kind of advertising came in 'Fortune Home Eater' In this, an old mother brings food for her sick child. The son of this mother is in the hospital, but the nurse there, the mother would not eat the home, feed her sick son. He becomes so upset that you can see it yourself.

Now if an elderly mother sees this kind of ad, and unfortunately her mother is not there with her mother, then in such a situation she may not be able to feed her child, but how many mentalities it will be to him, it is estimated that you Think of yourself.

It is known that for the world of advertisements, some standards have been set and such things are also given to our audience mentally.

This type of writing and illustration, to what extent is right for our society, we have to determine ourselves and we must keep in mind the standards set out. In fact, every person related to the advertisement has the duty to not mislead misleading advertisements. This leads to wrong publicity and messages in society.

In conclusion, advertisements have amazing power to influence society. These are boards for government, business, and society. But in the wrong hands, it can be misused. This abuse should be avoided.

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