IT Governance and Ethics

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Cow Wow is cereal-flavored milk, an item that plans to bring out the fluid left over after a morning meal eater completes all the grains, however milk stays in the bowl. Focusing on small kids, somewhere in the range of 5 and 12 years old, Cow Wow started by presenting flavors like Chocolate Chip Cathy and Fruity Trudy. Since offering to these youthful shoppers implies speaking to their folks, the organization chose to utilize natural, 1 percent milk and cocoa powder, just as maintain a strategic distance from any fake hues or flavors. The little, 8.5-ounce bundles didn't require refrigeration, and they highlighted charming characters and straws for tasting.

In any case, sales were not exactly what the founder anticipated. While attempting to get the kid’s parents to buy, the organization got a surprising endorsement by Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night show person, who portrayed appreciating the flashback to his adolescence when he used to enjoy the cereal-flavored milk. Out of nowhere, twenty to thirty year olds were searching out Cow Wow, prepared to buy a pleasant treat that helped them to remember slurping milk from their cereal bowls after they completed their Froot Loops as children. Yet, promoting to recent college grads who may drink the milk late around evening time as a nostalgic treat is altogether different from advertising to parents and little youngsters who may drink it for breakfast. So, the author has to try out a different approach to attract the kid’s parents to buy this product. (Grossmann, 2014).

Recommendations for Business

Cow Wow Cereal milk is one of the recognized organizations which is attempting to draw in children old enough 5 to 12 years with their stunning results of milk which is utilized in the breakfast cereals. The main principle followed by the organization is to use natural milk and to avoid artificial flavors in all of their items. In any case, some way or another his item is arriving at a different area of individuals. Rather than kids, grown-ups for the most part recent college grads are being pulled in to his items which is totally off-base. So, in order to assist him with focusing on the right crowd and help with the business expansion, the use of technology is needed. Here are some of the recommendations that might actually help Mr.Pouy achieve his goals of reaching out to the right crowd and business expansion.

  • a) It is very crucial to have an Online & social media presence, the availability of the products online proves to be really helpful as clients can order stuff easily and it’s also good for the business. The social media is a platform where the business can gain a recognition.
  • b) Supply chain management which handles the inventory operations plays a crucial role too as it helps us determine the increase in sales and the distribution of stock.
  • c) Digital marketing and advertisements also help the company with increased sales. Ads which pop up in between kids TV show attract kids and will Mr.Pouy reach the right set of customers that he was expecting.

Online & Social Media

Cow Wow Milk Company is trying to spread awareness about their product by distributing them to minor departmental stores and gas stations, but just by doing that the company won’t get the expected reputation. To improve the current situation, the owner can start online services and spread the awareness about their product on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram by paying some money to these platforms. The online services will definitely boost the business and will get recognition to the cereal milk brand as most of the people these days are on the internet. Customers can place orders for the product, an 18-pack box costs $36 which is a reasonable price and people can get this product delivered to their door step without any hassle. All this can achieved through the launch of online services.

Square space, a website builder application which allows us to build our own website and further customize it with many options can be used for creating an online base. There are also many free website builders which can be used for the same purpose (“A real Life case study”, 2015).

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Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is a network of individuals, organizations and resources involved to produce an item. A supply chain plays a major role in handling the inventory stock and the logistics of the company. A supply chain helps to improve the strategic plan of the organization and in the case of cow wow Milk Company, the supply chain can be really helpful as they have different flavors and the supply chain can easily differentiate between the flavors during the distribution and also keep track of the inventory stock. As the product gets recognition, a lot of orders might be placed which increases the sales and the company has to increase the manufacturing rate of products based on the sales. All of this is possible if the organization has a well-organized supply chain management in place which seamlessly handles the business operations like sales, logistics and inventory stock.

The organization can easily setup a supply chain management system in place by surfing online, there are many top of the line supply chain management software’s that are available on a subscription basis. Some of them are Cin7 inventory management, Odoo etc. (Hayes, 2019)

Digital Marketing & Advertisements

In this evolving world of technology, people get to know everything through the digital platform. The Cow Wow Milk company can use the digital marketing and advertisements to endorse their products to attract the right group of customers i.e., parents with kids aged 5 to 12. The main marketing strategy for the company to attract the kid’s parents is through digital marketing. With the use of digital marketing, regular advertisements can placed in between the cartoons which attract the kids and also seem appealing to their parents because of the naturalist quality of the product. The most prominent rule of the digital marketing is to make the right offer at the right time and right place, if any organization can stick to this particular rule they can achieve successful results. The marketing strategies have also been evolving and there are many services available which can increase the company’s brand recognition.

Buffer is one of the marketing tools available online which can be used for the advertising purposes. With the marketing strategies, Mr.Pouy can observe a substantial growth in the sales and profits.


Cow Wow Cereal Milk Company which was founded by Mr.Pouy with the motive to make the children consume this healthy drink. Mr.Pouy anticipated that his product would attract the kids aged 5-12 but a lot of the millennial group were attracted to the product as it reminded of their childhood. Now, the challenge Mr.Pouy is dealing with is how to make his product more appealing to the kids. In this case, the recommendations I’ve provided can bring great results by increase the sales of the product and also help Mr.Pouy reach the right set of audience.


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