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Importance of Application of Sociological Imagination: Argumentative Essay

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What makes you unique as an individual? Structurally, it is our DNA that makes us different from others, however, if you were being asked this question you would not start with that, however, you may start by describing your personality. Our personality shapes us as a whole, and based on many factors like where we live, what we have been surrounded by and what we have experienced in life helps make us more unique. We have certain outlooks on life because of our geographical location, who we have been around and what we have been exposed to all play a part in our opinions and why they may be the way they are. Being able to understand how these factors affect us is just the beginning, and being able to think with sociological imagination helps us understand how our personal experiences are linked to society as a whole, and allows us to imagine how our life would be different if any of these factors were to change.

Many of our personal events in life can be related to a much bigger topic in society, and being able to distinguish that and understand the correlation and being aware of how things socially influence each other is you having the ability to think with sociological imagination. Sociological imagination can be found in our everyday life and behaviours whether it be the reason you drink tea every morning, choose to practice a religion or being unlucky in employment these may seem to be a personal task but can all be linked to society as a whole. Sociological imagination allows us to take a look at scenarios with different perspective, and allows us to understand our privilege. It gives us a look into the factors that make us different and how life would be if those were altered and we were born in a different country or had no siblings we are able to think about how we would be a different person from who we are now. Being able to think with sociological imagination is important to society as we can make connections between our actions and whether we are doing that as a trend, we saw it on social media or we are just simply following the social norms. We are capable of thinking of our behaviours and how they play a part in society and how we can understand our limits and what is constricting us in society. Lastly, it allows us to be appreciative of what we have and the life we are given, and not only understand our place in society but try and grasp what it is like for others.

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Being born in the 21st century social media has shaped me into being more self-aware, and in a way a more critical thinker. Throughout elementary school there was always a thought in the back of my mind that I wasn’t good enough whether it be in sports, school or self image, and this was because of what I was seeing online. Social media sets standards for what is and what isn’t acceptable in society, and not until recently have companies started to show that there is a huge diversity in individuals and all are acceptable. Social media also taught me that you have to be very careful with what you are posting online, and that once something is on the internet you can’t take it off so you have to be aware of what message you want to spread into the world and if it is worth it to click post. Social media and technology as a whole are starting to control the world in many aspects as what we see happening in other countries and what is hidden, what the latest trends are, and how we change to fit society's standards.

As a young individual I have been influenced and exposed to only a small percent of the world, however, what I have experienced and seen thus far has indeed shaped me. The people that surrounded me growing up and the country I live are factors that have contributed to who I am today. Being the youngest on one side of my family and being surrounded by older relatives I found that a lot of what I like is very similar to them, whether it be music, clothing and even in politics we have a similar view. I have also found that I am compared to them by grandparents and parents as to what field I will be pursuing as my mom and two of my cousins are all registered nurses I get asked if I will be doing the same. This limits me from creating potential career goals for myself as i make myself think that I have to do something in medicine, and follow in the footsteps of my family. As for being born in Canada I am part of the chain of first-generation Canadian born grandchildren in the family and it's really interesting to think how immensely different my families life would be if we were to be in India our whole life. Last summer I went to the village that my dad lived in for some of his life and found that people value community and culture more. The neighbouring houses that came to visit us treated us like family although we haven't seen them for several years, and people that live in the same city won’t even stop by because it is too much work. Culture and maintaining the value of religion was also very prevalent with most people, and I noticed most people around my age were much more cultured than my cousins and I as many of us have lost the ability to speak in our mother tongue as our parents spoke to us in english growing up.

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