Analysis of the Advertisement against Drunk Driving: Special Campaign of BMW

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The advert is against driving under the influence of alcohol, produced by BMW a well-recognized automotive brand. This technique of using a known brand will surely be more effective as the brand has influence to the relevant public. The features of the advert is a picture of an individual missing a leg passing a pictorial image of an accident. This message is most probably under the assumption that the accident was as a result of an accident correlated to drunk driving.

The image shows a mechanical leg with the message “Spare parts for humans are not as original as those for cars.” The message tries to appeal to the side that many humans prefer to be whole as opposed to being fitted with mechanical parts which might result to a change of personality. “Don’t drink and Drive,” follows the message which comes out as a warning and makes it clear that the advert is about the effects of drunk driving. There is also a brand Logo of the automotive BMW this helps add on to the factor of influence on the intended audience. This logo forms creates a connection with individuals who love the brand and respect it.

The ad tries to target an audience with the habit of drunk driving. The advertisement uses fear as a tone with the audience. There is a picture of an individual who is currently disabled and considering the fact that there is use of the words “spare parts” which is meant to bring to the audience’s attention that the individual had undergone some form of treatment and used to be whole. This shows that the individual with drunk driving could potentially end up with this disability which strikes fear.

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The advert uses comparative language - “no as original as those of cars.” This language enables bring the perspective that unlike cars individuals lack spare parts and though one may be able to find a replacement for the functionality there is a loss of personality.

The advert uses the logos technique through the picture of a mechanical leg. Which logically indicates not only the loss of personality but also may financially affect the victim. It is relatively expensive to replace a leg and the fact that it shows that there had to be an accident there is a possibility of loss of property and even life. The advert also uses the ethos technique to create influence on the users. The use of the BMW a well-established organization helps make the advert more appealing and attracts attention. Lastly, the pathos technique is used by the advert, when the statement inflicts fear on the reader. This emotion of fear can be anticipated to influence the user against drunk driving whenever the user is tempted to commit the act knowing there is a potential chance of disability.

Credibility of the advert is with no doubt considering that it is tagged with a BMW logo where else its trustworthiness is unquestionable, because if the target believes it or not it sensible that there is a probable chance that an accident could happen. The ad is well informed as drunk driving usually leads to accidents. With no doubt the accident could lead to permanent casualties and damage which is what the ad is trying to show.

In conclusion the ad is very well put. The pictorial representation is appropriate for any form of age and to those who understand it is very clear that what is shown is only the tipoff the iceberg of the issue that is drunk driving. Drunk Driving has rather adverse effects to many not only drunk drivers but also the people who are at a risk of permanent disabilities or even loss of lives. The advert is both a preventive and control measures as it speaks not only to drunk drivers but also normal drivers and everyone else who can prevent a drunk driver from performing the act.

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