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Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample

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Content analysis of the target Advertisements

Thesis statement

This printed advertisement is about fast food, which mainly promoted the Prosperous Burger of McDonald’s. The thesis of this food advertisement is to inform the people that the prosperous burger came back again in a new size of meal which is double chicken and beef. It is represented by four types of burgers in the advertisement. They arranged the burgers from the double chicken prosperity burger and continue with double beef prosperity, normal chicken prosperity and at last the normal beef prosperity burger. There also put a picture of drinks and twister fries behind the picture of burgers. The advertisement is not fully covered with complex and long sentences. The words are written in white colour. The burgers are labeled with the names. Ang Pow packets which contains of 5 pieces in each will be given to the people who buy the Prosperity Meal. But, it will be given until the stock lasts. The advertisement also informed that the prosperous burger is available in every weekday mornings. This advertisement displays the picture of ice cream on the corner and it introduces the new flavor which is the new Orange Dream McFlurry.

Targeted Audience

This advertisement mainly targeted the customers who eagerly waited for the comeback of the prosperity burger. As it is only available during the Chinese New Year season, it would be the biggest treat for customers who miss the taste of prosperous burgers. The familiar taste is back for them. The introducing of new size of burger which is double the choice will become a special serve for them. The people who waited for prosperity burger will be surprised by the double treat where the size of burger is two times bigger than usual. This advertisement was designed perfectly according to the targeted consumers’ interest. The prosperity burger in the advertisement will trigger the customers to get their mouth-watering burger as soon as they can and taste it before the season end. This advertisement also targeted the multicultural society of Malaysia. It did not have stereotypes in advertising. Chicken and beef lovers are welcome to grab their favorites. They can choose their favorite among the burgers. The advertisement did not limit the choice. The consumers who could not eat beef still can have their prosperity treat by choosing a chicken prosperity burger. There also provided double choice for both, chicken and beef burger. The working men and women also will be the targeted consumers for this advertisement. The weekday breakfast special is suitable for them to have their early food before starting their daily routine. They can own their favourite prosperity burger not only for lunch and dinner, they also can treat themselves with it for their breakfast. It is sounds so good right ! So, do not miss your special season meal even in the morning.

Advertising Myths

Myth within the advertisement was conveyed through utilize of signs and colors. Myth is commonly utilized to refer to beliefs which are obviously wrong, but according to semiotics, myths can be seen as expanded representations. In this advertisement, we are able effectively to recognize how myth is employed. It attempts to tell do not miss the prosperity burger which came in double size. The advertisement emphasis the word ‘Double the choice, Double the happiness’. The word double the happiness clearly shows the myth of it. It triggers the customers to have a good feelings through read the words from the advertisement and they try to grab their prosperity burger from the nearest McDonald’s. Obviously, the happiness not going to be double when the customers had their prosperity burger but the advertisement seeks to attract them to believe that they get prosperous when they eat the prosperity burger. The targeted customers can choose their burger but the emotions and feelings are could not predictable by others. Therefore, the words they used become a myth of it. Other than that, the advertisement also tried to convey the message to the targeted audience that do not forget to grab the new size of burger, drink, the new flavor of ice-cream and the special breakfast before the season end. It also targeted the working men and women who can have their breakfast before they go to work. The advertisement addressed a weekday breakfast special for the working consumers which shows that the breakfast that is provided is not a usual meal, it is a special treat that is specially prepared for the targeted audience. The color red is thought to be the color that enflames feelings and sentiments. It may be a image of high energy. Red and its numerous shades of color are too utilized as a image of heart and cherish. Red has been found to have such a huge impact on people; it can indeed cause the heart to beat faster. It is an amazingly capable color. It is the blast that hits your eyes, and as a result, it symbolizes vitality, control, imperativeness and strength. Red is an appealing color to about everyone, and it can be utilized for anything energizing and able. In some cases, the control of items is portrayed by the utilization of red. The color red is used in this advertisement appeal to the targeted audiences as it were color that can truly depict any strong reaction. The dark background color of the advertisement enables the pictures appear as the central idea of it. The burgers look delicious and will attract the targeted audience to grab them. Therefore, red is an usual color that used for so many advertisement, especially for food. The red color has a incredible impact on a customer. It can persuade him to buy the item.


The prosperity burgers of the advertisement are the central pictures that arranged orderly from double chicken prosperity, double beef prosperity, chicken prosperity and beef prosperity burger. The double chicken prosperity burger were placed at the front among the others in the advertisement to give importance for the society who consume both types, which are chicken and beef. Not everyone eat beef but there might be everyone who prefer eating chicken. The new size which is a double prosperity burger was placed mainly before the normal prosperity burger to show that a new type of prosperity burger has been introduced for the targeted audience. Besides, the explanation of the advertisement is placed on the top right of the picture of burgers. The customers not going to read the words at first, they will concentrate on the large pictures of the burgers. Then, they would like to know some information on the burgers if they are interested in them. Therefore, the explanation is placed on top of the picture. It will be easy for the reader to get information after being attracted to the delicious juicy prosperity burgers. The information about the weekday breakfast special, ice-cream picture, and free Ang Pow packets were arranged at the conner of the advertisement.


The picture of burger represents the iconic symbol of the advertisement. The picture plays an important role in the advertisement. the picture of prosperity burgers placed in large size which covered the half of the poster. The burger decorated with onions and the chicken and beef patty in between the bun will attract the focus of the targeted audience. Here, we have a denotative and connotative meaning of the sign. The denotative meaning for the picture could be the burger filled with onions which give extra taste and the patties. The connotative meaning of the picture can be anything such as the delicious, juicy, taste of the burger, hot and spicy, and the double happiness of the consumers when eating the burger.

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Lexical features

This advertisement uses a simple structure and easy words to convey the message to the targeted audience. The reader can easily grasp the meaning of the advertisement without any doubt. The jargon and bombastic words are completely avoided in the advertisement so the readers never get confused with the new words. The use of the adjective, ‘double’ in the advertisement shows that comparison between the normal prosperity burger and the new prosperity burger that introduced. The targeted audience will easily differentiate the style of burger before they grab it. The use of the noun, ‘special’ indicate the uniqueness of the breakfast that is arranged for the customers. It shows that the breakfast that provided on prosperous season is not like usual. The targeted audience can have the prosperity burger in the morning of weekdays as well.

Syntactic features

Simple sentences are used in this advertisement. It helps the reader to understand the content and the messages that the advertisement try to transfer. A simple phrases are used to avoid any difficulties in reading and give a clear picture of the purpose of advertisement. The phrases, ‘Prosperous time is back !’, and ‘Double the choice Double the happiness’, consider the easiest phrases that clearly transferred the message to the targeted audience. The use of adjectives in this advertisement helps the nouns to modify and create a sentence that are relevant and easy to understand. The example of adjectives that used in this advertisement is tantalizing, double, favourite, and special. These words hold the purpose of this advertisement.


The advertisement is a fast food advertisement, it mainly promotes prosperity burgers. It is one of McDonald’s burgers during Chinese New Year. The thesis of the product is not to miss the double prosperity burger during the season. It is represented by 4 types of burgers. First two are double beef and chicken prosperity burger, followed by another two single beef and chicken prosperity burger. The background of the advertisement is red. The word ‘double’ used in the advertisement is bold, and the words are written in white and yellow. It is presented in a delicious way, where the meat looks juicy. The meat looks rich with the paper sauce and decorated with fresh onions. It is a hot and spicy combination. The twister fries at the back of the burger looks crunchy and the iced coke in the picture looks very cold and irresistible during the hot weather.


This advertisement triggers feelings of adults of both men and women and makes them drool over the picture of the double prosperity burger. It triggers to buy the double prosperity burger set and add on the new orange McFizz and Orange dream McFlurry . In addition, buy the prosperity sets to get free 5 and pau packets as Chinese New year approaches. Money can be saved from buying the 5 and pau packets. This advertisement targets the working adults. Before heading to workplace, we could grab the delicious double prosperity burger. One wouldn’t be enough as we will be working too long, double prosperity burger should ease the hunger for a longer period of time. The age group which is targeted by this advertisement ranges from 20s to 50s or above. McDonalds releases prosperity burger once a year during Chinese new year season. During this season, it triggers everyone to buy the prosperity burger before the season ends. As the name of the burger itself is prosperity, it says prosperous time is back and time to grab it and be happy. The targeted audience will not think deeply about it because they are inclined to believe it; they will just look at the delicious picture of the burger. Thus, the advertisement tries to convince them to grab the burger and try out the new drinks and ice cream during the season before it comes to the end. Eating the burger will not double the happiness but we believe it might be as prosperous as we eat the prosperity burger. This advertisement targets working adults as they mention weekday breakfast specials, adults usually go to work on the weekdays in the morning. Looking at this advertisement the audience feel we lets get a prosperous start to our morning. The color red is thought to be the color that enflames emotions and feelings. It is a symbol of high energy. Red and its many shades of colour are also used as a symbol of excitement. Red has been found to have such a huge impact on people, it can drag the attention. It is an extremely powerful color. With the red background, the picture of the prosperity burger attracts the audience with the juicy look of the meat to take a bite. In fact it is the use of myth thru colours. Thus, overall, red is a pretty useful advertising color, especially to attract attention and burn the desire in the audience. It convince the audience to take a look at the pretty burger with the sesame toping ton the bun, well decorated onions and the juicy prosperity burger meat and to buy them. The white color is used to write the letters to reflect safety and simplicity. The advertisement conveys a message by using white color in writing letters to show that this product is safe and simple. It emphasizes more the picture of the burgers.


The picture of the prosperity burger represents the iconic sign. The picture is the signified. The picture of the double prosperity burger and single prosperity burger gives the choice to the audience. Here, we have a connotative meaning of the sign. The conative meaning invites the audience to grab the double prosperity burger set together with the twister fries. Another type of sign used in the advertisement is the index sign which is implied in the use of colors. The colour red in the advertisement refers to attention, temptation and attraction because it is the colour of desire which arouses the emotions and feelings. So the advertisement raises the audience desire to get the double prosperity burger no matter in online or in the shop itself. This advertisement uses simple words with simple structure so as to it is easy to read and grasp the intended message. The bolded word of double grabs our attention easily, and we get to know that double prosperity burger is now available. The conveyed message invites the prosperity lovers to grab the double burger on the go in the morning before going to work. To convey meaning clearly and simply, The double the choice, double the happiness and the prosperous times are back conveys the meaning that choosing double prosperity burger is the best choice to make as the season lasts for shorter period of time. We should hurry while the familiar taste is back during the season. Using of minor sentences leaves space for focusing on the picture. The picture of the double prosperity burger invites the audience. The picture of the burger is located from the left to right with the closer to far look of the burger. The burger on the left with the zooming effect makes the audience’s mouth watery and triggers their desire to taste it. Having a multicultural society in Malaysia, displaying both chicken and beef provokes all the audience’s feelings. This tempting picture of the burger also makes the audience hungry immediately. It makes the audience get the burgers no matter what.

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