The Relationships Between Advertising And Consumerism In The Super Bowl

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The most widely watched sporting event of the year is the Super Bowl. People watch the Super Bowl for the game, and the advertisements. The game is mostly for advertisements. The actual game is played for 17 minutes. In 2014, they discovered that the ball was in play for 8.5 percent of the televised broadcast. The commercials were 48 minutes and the network promos were 7 minutes. The commercial times are $5 million for thirty seconds of airtime. Advertisers make these to create messages of their product. People watch the game to see the commercials. More than $330 million was spent on the Super Bowl commercials in 2014.

The Superbowl is a great way for companies to advertise their product. The beer and liquor industry is an economic role in commercialized college and professional sports. Liquor industry advertisements have heavily influence in sports broadcasts. The companies make images that make feelings, and moods. Beer and liquor advertisers make the brand a series of images that construct a desirable world to their consumers. The commercials from the late 1950s to 1960s had middle-aged white couples sharing a cold beer in their backyards and in their homes. In these commercials beer makes the middle-class couple happy to drink it. Then in the 1970s, women weren’t in the commercials.

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These commercials have men drinking with other men in public places. The Super Bowl in 2003 had fifty-five commercials and fifteen of the commercials were beer and liquor. Twelve of these commercials were by Anheuser-Busch and they had the stadium scoreboard that had a Budweiser sign. They had ownership of this Super Bowl. The Superbowl isn’t just for the advertisement of beer. People that have a party for the Superbowl will spend money on game day food, athletic wear and decorations. The stores will take advantage of this shopping by making sure they bought decorations, food and other Super Bowl items. There are 43 million viewers that plan to host a party, and restaurants can expect people to buy a lot of food. People plan to watch the game because they get to watch their favorite national brands on commercials. The Super Bowl is used for advertising and consumerism because there are a lot of people watching the game.


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