Why I Want to Get an MBA in Marketing

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Early-on, as a teenager, I would read through the profiles of leading marketing executives and successful entrepreneurs. It became increasingly clear that a strong majority of them started early in their marketing careers. I therefore decided to “get my feet wet” after pursing my B.B.A from the CV Raman University. After extensive efforts and networking, I found my first job with chattarpur farms, a nationally reputed Event Management company. The exciting role involved direct reporting to Managing Director and Heading the marketing sales department.

At Chattarpur Farms, I realized that it does take a trained eye to identify marketing opportunities. The company turned out to a world in itself! By now, I have developed a keen sense of detail for marketing and sales strategies. As the Head of the department, I have been supervising more than 300 highly-skilled event managers. The role has brought in immense management skills through the supervision of personnel far more senior to me, age and experience- wise. On a daily basis, I make complex marketing strategy calculations and decisions – I also took on the challenge of instituting the usage of the technology based marketing analytics. The results have been more than satisfying – it boosted our company bookings by 120% in period of 6 months. The bookings cascade across the entire set of operations with an amazing impact on the revenues of the company.

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My near-term plan is to work in the sales and marketing function of a leading, multinational companies. This enable me to identify and assess new market opportunities, effectively promote and launch new products and grow to senior leadership positions in the business. It will help me towards building competencies in sales and marketing and achieving my long-term goal of being a successful marketing entrepreneur. Work experience in a multi-national corporation would also bring in environments to team up with individuals from a range of backgrounds and to learn from their perspectives and experiences. I believe that academic credentials accompanied with social and leadership qualities, gives a complete edge to one’s persona. I had the privilege to work with Rotary International and impart training and guidance to underprivileged students in an event – RYLA, India.

A global Master’s program thus becomes essential towards achieving critical at this juncture of my career. While my Bachelor’s degree did equip me well for the objectives at that stage, a International Business program from your university will help me learn a range of new techniques for the product positioning, new product development, media planning and marketing communications. I also hope to equip myself with advanced analytical tools and techniques that will foster marketing efficiency. Graduate education in management at Hult Business School will thus help me train my instincts through the case study method of teaching and develop a structured approach towards refining ideas and developing fail-proof implementation plans.

The culture of teamwork during the Master’s program will definitely help me strengthen my team skills in a cross-national environment. A “global” Masters from Hult Business School will provide significant opportunities for professional and personal development – to learn from “The Best of The Best” and set new benchmark for growth.

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