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Analysis of Aquaculture in Egypt

Fish are a critical source of meals and contribute to the provision of animal protein and an opportunity to meat substitutes. Recently, the call for has improved, especially after the boom inside the prices of meat and poultry, which has come to be one of the targets of the development technique and the principle axis of its axes, as its development policies have an effect on the balance between the charges of growth of fish manufacturing and population boom charges...
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Impact of Terrorism on Egypt's Tourism

Tourism in the Arab countries has become almost the sole economic and social mechanism to reduce rapid urbanization processes and to facilitate a decent standard of living in peripheral areas. In the Arab region, this is the case in Aqaba (Jordan), Sinai and the Red Sea (Egypt) (Mansfeld & Winckler, 2015). Unique sights and monuments, comfortable climate, all-inclusive hotels, diving, beaches – all of it and so much more makes Egypt a popular and very attractive tourist destination. However, in...
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Consequences of Climate Change for Egypt

The Earth ’s average temperature grew by around 1 degree Fahrenheit throughout the 20th century, according to NASA. The consequences of this minor temperature increase are diverse, from prolonged dry seasons and heat waves to more violent hurricanes. Rising sea levels, extreme weather, warming oceans and melting glaciers all have been significant signs that there’s something wrong happening with the world’s nature, which is climate change. In this article we tackle the causes of climate change that people blindly do...
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Essay on Heritage Tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt

In Egypt cultural and heritage tourism remain special, some of the impressive cultural tourist attractions in Egypt are the Pyramids of Giza, which are among the seven wonders of the ancient world. It includes the Great Sphinx, Luxor Temple, etc. Throughout its history, Egypt has been known as a destination for tourists and travelers. In 2020, Egypt’s tourism revenue fell by about 70%, reducing the number of tourists to 3.5 million from 13.1 million in 2019. In order to develop...
2 Pages 787 Words

Human Trafficking In Egypt

What if one day a stranger came into your life and offered you a better lifestyle, a promise, that you believed but instead, it is just a trick to enslave you into human trafficking? Human trafficking is when a person is abducted and most likely used for forced labor; the most common being sex slavery/prostitution. Crimes like organ trafficking, young marriage, and children subjected to sex labor happen almost daily in Egypt. Egypt’s consequences on human trafficking are light and...
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The Great Pyramid of Giza: An Essay

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is one of the most famous man-made structures and up to this day, it is still shrouded in enormous mystery. This structure was built by the ancient Egyptians more than 2000 years before the birth of Christ and it is believed that it symbolizes their strong religious belief. Many archaeologists have studied the real purpose of building this structure and there are also engineers examined how it was built. The Great Pyramid of...
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Egyptian Education Vs American Education

Egypt is well known for their beautiful architecture and mummies locked away in their sarcophagus waiting for the chance to prowl the earth. Well, that’s what my perception of Egypt was when I was a little girl at least. Growing up in America I was drilled with the impression of Egypt being undernourished and unable to make groundbreaking discoveries. I was under the impression that Egyptians were no longer capable of being as smart as Americans were said to be....
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Essay about Conflict Over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Most Egyptians lived close to the Nile as it gave water, nourishment, transportation and magnificent soil for developing nourishment. Just as being utilized for transportation. Barely any downpour. Falls in Egypt, subsequently the floods that happened from the Nile waterway gave the inly normal wellspring of dampness to support crops, in antiquated Egypt this was the main spot that they could develop their own nourishment, and it was extremely basic to see numerous fields being cultivated up and down the...
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