Essay on Heritage Tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt

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Table of contents

  1. The Heritage Tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt
  2. How Are the Pyramids of Egypt Protected
  3. Secrets of the Pyramids of Egypt
  4. Sustainable Tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt
  5. Conclusion

In Egypt cultural and heritage tourism remain special, some of the impressive cultural tourist attractions in Egypt are the Pyramids of Giza, which are among the seven wonders of the ancient world. It includes the Great Sphinx, Luxor Temple, etc.

Throughout its history, Egypt has been known as a destination for tourists and travelers. In 2020, Egypt's tourism revenue fell by about 70%, reducing the number of tourists to 3.5 million from 13.1 million in 2019. In order to develop Egypt's tourism sector, the country's Ministry of Tourism launched the Egypt Tourism Reform Program (E-TRP), which focuses on aspects such as legislative reform, infrastructure and investment. The program is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Egyptian tourism sector.

The Heritage Tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt

The heritage tourism in Egypt includes cultural, historic and natural resources. In cultural heritage, the Egyptian pyramids are the most attractive. The pyramids were built as tombs for the pharaoh when Egypt was one of the most powerful civilizations on the planet. Over 4,000 years later, they are still here. When the pyramid was built, it was the body of the pharaoh. When the pyramid was built, it was approximately 481 feet tall. Today, due to erosion and removal of the top, the pyramid is about 455 feet tall. Each side is approximately 755 feet long. It took 20,000 workers over 20 years to build the Great Pyramid. Its construction began around 2580 BC and was completed around 2560 BC. Today, the Pyramids of Giza are a major tourist attraction. The pyramids are in remarkably good condition considering they are nearly 3,500 years old. The lands are falling apart and the government is introducing laws to protect the pyramids.

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How Are the Pyramids of Egypt Protected

There are great precautions were taken to protect the Egyptian pyramids. Because there where grave robbery has increased dramatically since 2011. German researchers accused of the crime are currently standing trail in Cairo. In recent times, Egyptian authorities have been quick to react when it comes to protecting their cultural heritage. Over the last 3 years, many sites have been damaged. Illegal excavation in unexplored, mostly in desert areas. Egyptian believed that the Pharaoh resting place would be swear and everlasting. The entrance to the inner chambers of pyramids was carefully hidden. The pharaohs mummy was placed in a huge sarcophagus, which was made of the stone blocks. The upper two chambers are called the queens and kings chambers extend about 20 cm, that are blocked off by stone doors.

Secrets of the Pyramids of Egypt

There are many secrets related to the Great Pyramid. In that pyramids were built as burial places for the pharaohs. Pharaohs were kings of ancient Egypt. Many pharaohs were buried with treasures. To thieves out, builders designed the pyramids with hidden rooms with a mysterious door. Recently, a scientist used a robot to break down a door. The robot drilled through a thick stone door. The robots' camera showed a room on the other side of the door. The room looked empty except for another door. The scientist was disappointed to find nothing in the room. Scientists hope to return to solve the mystery.

Sustainable Tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt

Sustainability to support tourism satisfaction and experience for visitors to explore the destination and experience the natural environment is also beneficial to the conservation of the world's natural resources. Tourism to support biodiversity and reduce poverty. The growth of tourism development to overcome poverty in the sustainable development of tourism. Egypt has more potential for ecotourism. This is because Egypt is rich in natural resources and archaeological sites. Egypt's interest in developing sustainable tourism is important, as the country is quickly beginning to understand the need to balance the environment and development. In Egypt, sustainable tourism refers to projects and initiatives carried out by organizations and government bodies. The Egyptian government is beginning to take measures for sustainable development. In addition, Egypt's Ministry of Tourism believes that tourism can and should benefit the environment if practiced in an environmentally friendly manner, promoting heritage tourism. Sustainability as an aid to the natural economic viability and healthy growth of communities and also provides the natural environment.


The heritage tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt is the most common type of cultural tourism among worldwide. It is also called historical tourism, which is associated with visiting memorable places. The most famous Egyptian pyramids are those found at Giza. Tourism in Egypt is one of the most important sources of national income. Nearly 14.7 million tourists visit it every year. Currently, the Egyptian government is committed to achieving the sustainable development goals. This commitment is reflected in Egypt's national strategy, the Sustainable Development Strategy - Egypt's Vision 2030.

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