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Is It Better to Do a Job You Hate for a High Salary or a Job You Love for a Low Salary?

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It is true that the salary is always an important issue in choosing a job. While many people believe that it is better to do a job they hate for a high payment, I agree with those who argue that choosing a job people love even it has a low wage or job satisfaction is more important.

There are three primary reasons why choosing a job people love is better. Firstly, job satisfaction increases more productivity. When doing a job people are passionate about, they will give it their all, be willing to work overtime, have creative ideas, have unexpected breakthroughs, withstand great pressure from superiors and not easily give up. Moreover, people will invest more time, more energy, and more intelligence for the job. With that positive attitude, effort, perseverance, success will surely come to them. Waking up every morning, preparing and traveling a long way to work is not easy for many people. On the contrary, if it's a job people love, leaving their bed every morning won't be a problem. Also, with a job people are not interested in, most of the attitude people take for it will be superficial and transient.

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Secondly, job satisfaction helps to create a better working environment. When employees are at a higher level of job satisfaction, they tend to be more helpful and friendly with colleagues at work. This helps to promote teamwork where information and knowledge sharing is enhanced. Moreover, studies have shown that employee satisfaction in work can lead to a better and safer working environment with fewer negative conflicts. Nevertheless, employees with a negative emotion will hinder the smooth conduct of the organization and spread invisibly to other colleagues too. People with low job satisfaction may not have the motivation and energy to fulfill the goals and tasks assigned by their superiors so the company will suffer the lack of their responsibility and capability.

Finally, when working in an environment that suits people's interests, personality, and passion, people are more likely to be happier and successful. In contrast, those who want a high salary, they have to work day and night with a huge number of workloads in harsh environments so that they easily get depressed, stress, anxiety, fatigue. For instance, a study from Harvard University showed that stress can lead to up to 40% of depression in people and cardiovascular diseases. Stress will also affect human relationships.

In conclusion, although choosing a high-paying job has a lot of benefits, it seems to me that choosing a job we are passionate about is better. It could make us enjoy life and feel more comfortable. Furthermore, if we continue to work hard for our favorite job, success will come to us so we could gain more money.

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