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Nollywood model and actress Princess Chidingma didn't slow down the pace of fashion. Beautiful fashion models lead the fashion trends of curvy women. Princess Chidinma has graceful, beautiful and delicate curves. That's why she did a great job as a curvy model. Chidinma has different fashion styles. His style is urban and chic. He knows how to express himself in different fashion styles. He has killed more than four different fashion styles. Princess Chidinma wears different fashionable outfits. Especially suitable...
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The ideal of feminine beauty is the socially built notion that physical attraction is one of the most important assets of women and something that all women should strive to achieve and maintain.That being said, beauty standards are set by the society; unwittingly, many of us tend to judge women's beauty mainly from their physical appearance. Moreover, the Ideal beauty is an entity admired, or possessed traits attributed to beauty in a particular culture, for perfection. In our own society,...
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The modeling business is a great exponentially growing industry that showcases beautiful people and the exciting new trends out in fashion. The modeling industry shows the younger generation what is considered the norm and what it takes to be ‘perfect”. The girls are shown that being skinny, having clear skin, and having a good body makes us perfect while the norm for guys is shown by having clear skin, being muscular, and tall. Within the modeling industry, the idea of...
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This essay will demonstrate and identify how females are represented in the art and design industry. Firstly, concentrating on feminists in the fashion industry and discussing other themes we see within industry. I will base my essay from the 1920’s up to and including contemporary designers of early 21st Century. It will include the four core contextual themes, which follow Practice, Product, Discourse and reflection. The first theme being practice, would involve “The actual application or use of an idea,...
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According to Erik Erikson, a German psychoanalyst heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud, adolescence is marked by the period where one undergoes a struggle to find their identity and somehow “fitting in”, while also developing a sense of morality distinguishing what’s right from wrong, as well as developing affiliations and devotions to ideals, causes and friends. For this reason, the fashion industry and models have heavily influenced younger generations and most of the time that influence didn’t have a positive impact...
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Abstract— Due to the importance of multimedia data and the urgent need to use it in many fields such as industrial, medical and entertainment, protecting them becomes an important issue. Digital watermarking is considered as an efficient solution for multimedia security as it preserves the original media content's as it is. 3D Fragile watermarking aims to detect any attacks to 3D graphical models to protect the copyright and the ownership of the models. In this paper, we present a comparative...
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Introduction Deviance is defined as ‘any action, belief, or human characteristics that members of a society or social group consider a violation of a group norms for which the violator is likely to be censured or punished.’ (Ritzer, 2016). As such obesity can be seen as a form of social deviance. The reason being in certain aspects of everyday life, it is being stigmatized. Obesity can be defined as the increase of the body mass index as a result of...
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About in 1998-1999, there was a company, named Central Model Agency in Bratislava; they were approaching young “good-looking” people to become models. It was by pure choice of agent to choose someone who would look good on screen. If an approached individual has been accompanied by someone, who did not necessarily match the required criteria. The agent was able to tell them that they do not look good enough for modeling. It was almost 20 male agents who were models...
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