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Civic Duty Taxes

Taxes help the government operate and work out and really make the economy thrive. Taxes usually increase over the years and some citizens do not abide by the law of this civic duty. Taxes can be hard to pay but it’s a big price of having to do civic duties if you’re in the United States. Taxes help with most budgeting from the government. Taxes are an essential part of the government operating and are fundamental. Medicare is a huge...
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The Duty To Protect: Ethical And Legal Considerations For Law Enforcement Officers

Executive Summary There is no law, here or abroad, that requires the police to protect the citizens they serve. The courts have wrestled with this concept for decades, and although the law predominately sides with the police, there are still differences in opinion. This issue has resurfaced following the recent criminal charging of Deputy Scot Peterson for his inaction in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, adopted by the International...
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Stamp Duty Increase Effects

The article “Overseas property buyers face UK duty increase” written by James Pickford on the 22/11/2019 unveils the conservative party’s plan on increasing stamp duty tax to 3 percent for oversea buyers. In recent years foreign investors have been investing heavily into real estate in the United Kingdom due to its strong and stable political climate (Rowley, 2017). Along with the shortage of new builds, high demand for property in the UK have caused the prices of houses to rise...
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Equal Opportunity, Duty Of Care & Ethical Considerations

Each employer and organisation must be committed to providing a safe, all-inclusive workplace that promotes respect and is free of discrimination and harassment (1). Within a workplace, an individual has the right to feel protected and participate freely in all areas of working life. A workplace is often diverse, having employees from all backgrounds, religions, age, gender, sexual orientation and education status. It is the responsibility of the organisation and employer to ensure that all employees are provided with a...
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Rational Duty vs. Inclination Interest

Kant’s created his own thoughts of common sense ideas with the speculations that the only thing good without qualification is “good will”. He takes a different view of “good will” his idea of good will is closely related to the idea of a rationally “good person”. The basic ideas of Kant, is that what makes a good person good is his or her will that can be determined by, set decisions based off of moral law. Kant’s idea of good...
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Immanuel Kant’s Analysis Of Imperfect Duty

Kants account of Perfect and imperfect duty is recognised and accepted all over the world. If we try to understand perfect and imperfect duty from a layman’s point of view it would go as follows : Perfect duty consists of duties which have a binding nature for example the duty to not to murder someone falls under perfect duty as it applies strict injunction which restricts us to do the act. Now to get a clear picture of imperfect duties...
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Negligence And The Duty Of Care

Scenario A 19-year-old female is taken to hospital unconscious with excessive bleeding from a head wound. A doctor administers medication to stop the bleeding, which triggers a severe allergic reaction, causing the patient to fall into a coma. In this case, it is assumed there are two possible options: The doctor was negligent, as he breached his duty of care because he did not follow the medical procedures – medical records were not consulted before administering medication to the patient....
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The Concept Of Duty To Live

Introduction Survival is a tactic we try to put up with each day despite the circumstances that pin us far from it. However, instances arise where living causes more burdens than we anticipate (Cholbi, 2010). John Hardwig points out that in such a case, then a person’s duty to die prevails. Hardwig’s Central argument In his theory, Hardwig believes that humans have to die. For instance, in cases of extreme illnesses, people ought to make choices that favour the loved...
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Duty Ethics And Family Ordeals

Introduction In my discussion board three, I talked about the approach I chose as my metaethics. Discussion board four was an attempt to solve an issue with a family member with a gambling problem using applied ethics. In this paper I will be going more in depth about duty ethics and family ordeals. I will attempt to answer the question of, is it moral to use duty ethics to deal with family issues? With that being said, I will briefly...
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The Return Of Customs Duty After Brexit: How Will It Affect Trade Efficiency?

Introduction Being a part of the European Union, it’s easy to forget that we may be subjects to customs duty. Free trade zones allowed us to lose the concern about any additional cost of importing from the EU, but unfortunately not anymore. Now, as Great Britain exits the agreement, the state of the matter is very uncertain. In this essay we will try our best to provide answers to mind-boggling questions concerning the futures of trade of both remaining countries,...
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The Common Reason Of Being Fired

In this paper I am going to identify and explain the top five reasons an employee is fired and the top 5 characteristics of a successful individual and how those characteristics pertain to your dream career. According to Doyle. A (n.d.) the top five reasons why an employee is fired are (1) misconduct; (2) poor performance; (3) under the influence; (4) absenteeism; and (5) lying (para. 2, 5, 6). Apart from the reasoning’s of why an employee is fired there...
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Critical Analysis of the Article “Veterans Day: Never Forget Their Duty”

Trying to find out the words to use in this essay was so difficult because there are so many words to choose from. People may think you can never agree in things of people coming from different cultures or what they go through. You should never forget where you are from or make someone change on what you want to do. In America there is a ton of thousands of people from different cultures that they have the right to...
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Social Conventions of a Woman's Traditional Household Duties in the 1950s: Critical Analysis of Rita Dove’s Poem Daystar

Rita Dove’s poem Daystar, written in the 1950s, illustrates the life of a woman who feels as though she is trapped in life due to her daily duties as a mother and a wife. The irony in the poem exists for the sole fact that from birth to adulthood the world’s female population is brought up believing that their life will become fulfilled when they get married and have children. From past and present all over the world, women are...
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