The Common Reason Of Being Fired

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In this paper I am going to identify and explain the top five reasons an employee is fired and the top 5 characteristics of a successful individual and how those characteristics pertain to your dream career. According to Doyle. A (n.d.) the top five reasons why an employee is fired are (1) misconduct; (2) poor performance; (3) under the influence; (4) absenteeism; and (5) lying (para. 2, 5, 6).

Apart from the reasoning's of why an employee is fired there are characteristics that will help an individual be successful which they are; passion, honest, be on time, have the necessary skills, and social. Starting of on why an employee is fired is misconduct; includes sexual harassment towards other employees, stealing office supplies which you should never do, and unethical conduct.

Number two: Poor performance; if you are slacking off, turning in any type of report late or just don’t progress during the time you’ve been there. Reason Number three: Lying; As Doyle. A (n.d.) Pointed out, not only is it unethical to use false information, but can also damage the company as well as lying in a job interview (para. 3).

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Reason four: absenteeism; Missing every week can lead to you being fire as it can show that you are always not completing work, irresponsible or just don’t have legitimately reason of being excuse. Reason Five: Under the influence; going to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs can make an employee misbehave, be danger to others and themselves, and not function properly. Now being passionate, honest, on time, having skills, and being social are the characteristics of a successful individual and are the key to your future career. As being honest can show you are trustworthy, help you build a reputation, and shows your loyalty to customers and your upper employees.

Also being passionate can be seen as a person who is not absent, love what they do, and make a work environment more enlightened. Adding on is being on time, as it describes you as a responsible person who completes work, who is punctual, and who values their work time of their clients and employees. Next characteristic is skills; having the right skills is important as it requires you to understand what type of environment you are in, adapt or obtain new skills throughout your work years as in can get you a higher promotion or salary.

Lastly, being social. Being social is one of the most important characteristics for a successful individual as it involves everything in your workplace, like communicating with your coworkers and especially with customers because you set an example for the workplace, so being social is definitely a major characteristic in getting your future career.


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