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Critical Analysis of the Article “Veterans Day: Never Forget Their Duty”

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Trying to find out the words to use in this essay was so difficult because there are so many words to choose from. People may think you can never agree in things of people coming from different cultures or what they go through. You should never forget where you are from or make someone change on what you want to do. In America there is a ton of thousands of people from different cultures that they have the right to be themselves, but also be following the laws of the country. To be American means being loyal to country, sacrifice and helping others that are not from the United States.

In the article, “Veterans Day:Never Forget Their Duty” explains the symbol of loyalty and a way to visibly remain loyal to the United States and one another. Saying the pledge of allegiance brought the people closer to have hope that they will go out of the prison. In paragraph 8 it says, “... for those men in that stark prison cell, it was, indeed, the most important and meaningful event of our day.” For some people in that cell people thought it was just a waste of time of them saying the pledge because they thought they were getting out. The soldiers knew that it was a risk to hide it from the guards, but they had the dedication to keep saying the Pledge for the honor they had for it. Most people don’t have the honor or courage to say the Pledge of Allegiance but, out of respect all people that live in this country should say the Pledge.

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Additionally, people should not forget that Americans sacrifice their lives for us and try to give us the freedom to do things out in our country. Using the Veterans Day: Never Forget Their Duty article it says that one of their soldiers Mike Christian got hurt badly because the guards found out they had the flag in the shirt of Mikes. Mike sacrificed himself for using his shirt to hide the flag and for getting beat up for hours. In the article it says in paragraph 13, “ Sitting there, with his eyes shut from bis beating, making another American flag.” The soldier didn’t know why he was doing the flag for if he was in so much pain, but saw that he did it because Mike knew how important it was for the soldiers to be able to pledge to the flag. Also, using the Visual Rhetoric Analysis the image of the Battle of Gettyberg, 1863 it showed the soldiers that sacrificed themselves for their country. For some people it's hard for them to sacrifice their lives so, you would have to have the courage, honor and have the duty to want to give your people freedom.

Furthermore, Americans will be people who help others that don’t know how to speak English or feel comfortable to be in America. In the article of My English, she explains that it was hard to understand or like to speak English especially when it's not your first language. Julia Alvarez had trouble to talk fluently in English but, her mother will help her by saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. But would you be needing some butter on your bread.” Her mother wants her to get good at Englsih but, she was confusing her english with her spanish that can be hard. Alvarez went to a school in the United States her teacher would tell her the different word of the spanish word to say it right. With people helping others to speak English they find the fun out of slang, jokes, idioms, and more. People should keep in consideration that helping others is the best thing to do to make them feel good or be glad to help them.

In conclusion, being an American is finding ways to be loyal, sacrifice anything they have even there own lives, and also helping the people in need of learning the English language. Working together will get you in more progress to know the American world or even people just fighting together in wars they all become one family. Becoming one family meaning different cultures that are in the same country they try to fight for the right to have freedom in the United States.

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