Comparison And Contrast Of Nursing Career Vs. Business Career

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In our times now, nursing and business careers are very popular. Many people are taking these two degrees in college and after they giving more effort for them to be a professional nurse and business administrator. In many countries, both of these careers are in demand. All over the world, they need these two professions. These two different careers could give the same positive profit in the life of a person. But are there any similarities between these two? And in which areas they are in contrast?

We will talk about first the definition and differences between nursing and business career. We all know that Nursing is all about healthcare professionals, they are always in demand in any country. The demand for these careers or positions is continuing to increase. Nursing graduates can work in hospitals, they can also be nursing homes or caregivers, they can also work in a company as a company nurse, etc. This career is not as easy as we know, courage and compassion are required to this profession. If he is a nurse in the hospitals, they should always focus on their duty and all the important instructions from the doctor should be done perfectly and safely. Part of their job is to take care of all their patients with compassion, and love. They should always be patient in everything that they do as a nurse. It is also a must for them to assist the doctors to provide what he needed to check the condition of their patients. Another hard part of their job is when they are administering medicines, monitoring of the patients, always need to take the reading of any observations, and always keeping the families of the patients informed about all tests and observations they've done in the patients. In some hospitals, there is also a nurse who is inside the office, even he is a registered nurse, he can still do an administrative job and roles. A person who took nursing courses can have a different career in the future, he can be a registered nurse, nurse manager, and a practitioner. About the work timing of this nursing job, we all know that their timing is not normal at the work timing in the office. All nurses have shifting in their schedule, sometimes they are working 8-12 hours a day. They have a morning shift and evening shift. These are some of the reasons why the nursing job is one of the noble and respectful jobs in the world. They serve people with all of their efforts, time and strength.

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In comparison with a business career, it refers to a business world. Part of this career is taking a piece of knowledge about the whole process and how the business is moving and growing. If you are a Business course graduate you should expect that your knowledge should be broad and not only about how the product should be sell. As you are involved in the business world, you should also need to know the raw materials, production or processing of the product of a business and how it will be market in all target customers. This career is also your preparation to enter other fields of a business and understand other fields, like sales, management, accounts or finance, and even the operations. A person who has a business degree can work in many establishments like manufacturing companies, banks, insurance companies, etc. Some of the popular careers or jobs he can do are to be a Marketing Manager or coordinator, Managing staff, Human resource specialists, Sales managers, and Advertiser. Meaning this career, play an important role in ones’ business because a person with this degree can be flexible in any area or field within the company. In term of work timing, most of the time this career have only 8 hours work in the office from morning until afternoon only.

As you can see after we give some definition and job description the nursing and business has, we know now in which part they are focusing. Nursing career is focused on the health and life of their patients while in contrast, Business career is focused on the business life itself. As both of them are challenging careers and in demand, they are both require good communication, decision making, and strong administrative skills. Both careers have also the opportunity to serve the community and other people. Nursing and business careers also promote improvement in leadership, that's why both of them can also play a role as a manager or a role in any higher position which is related to their profession. Even these two have a different process of how to be professional in their field, but both of them are similar in dedicating themself to do their particular role in a company. Both of them can be the lifeblood of any company that they will be involved in.

The reason why nursing and business career is so popular, it's because these two is so fulfilling and profitable careers. If you love to be a nurse someday that is good and if you want to have a business career in the future that is also good because both of them are worth it to be dreamed of. But choosing your right career is depends on your interest, talents and you need to consider what your hearts love to do. No matter which career you want to choose, the important is it suits your personality and you feel that you can find joy from it. If you choose the right career, for sure it is easy for you to enjoy everything that you need to do and you will never be afraid to face any challenges along your way. It doesn't matter which path you want to pursue if that is the right education for you it can prepare you for a rewarding and profitable career. A good career can help you to have a good future.

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