What Causes People’s Career Passion To Change?

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When john was 5 years old his parents ensured on calling him Dr. John. In order for john to receive a decent quality of education, his family payed every penny they owned with no hesitation. As he grew up and went to high school, his dad made sure that he focuses on biology and the other sciences, because those were the main subjects that university applicants get assessed against. John couldn’t wait until he becomes a doctor. 4 years in pre-medical school and 6 years of surgery focused studies, he believed he was ready for becoming a doctor. 3 years into his job, john is unhappy, depressed and continuously under pressure. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon thing to happen with people. Losing passion for a job or a specific career path is an increasing phenomenon in the 20th century. According to Foss (2016) “Because our interests can change over time, and because meaning can be found in so many ways and in so many places, when we glorify a “passionate calling,” it leaves too many people out. of responsibilities that may outweigh their absolute freedom to choose something else, not everyone has the luxury of going after their dreams” (para. 10). Faded passion in a career occurs because of several reasons, the most common being, that the career choice is tough, disappearing due to technological advances, and is not as good as it seems.

One of the reasons why people tend to change their career passion is because their choice of career is very difficult to achieve. Pursuing a career in medicine and studying for 8 years might not be a common endeavor for most individuals. According to Spector (2018) “becoming a doctor remains one of the most challenging career paths you can embark upon. It requires extensive (and expensive) schooling followed by intensive residencies before you’re fully on your feet. The idea, generally, is that all the hard work will pay off not only financially, but also in terms of job satisfaction and work-life balance; then there’s the immeasurable personal benefits of helping people, and possibly even saving lives” (para. 2). The long hours of studying and the extensive amount of pressure that students are exposed to in medical schools, all of this only to be rewarded with a passing grade might cause students to lose control. Not only in medicine, but also in various different fields, when students get into situations such as spending sleepless nights, and being continuously put under a lot of pressure, they will lose motivation through the career.

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One of the primary causes for a faded career passion is the chance of the profession dying in the future. People at a young age often have multiple career options that are being presented to them, it also happens that parents influence their children’s choice of profession. Every child aims to be a pilot as their dad, or an architect as their mother. Nevertheless, choosing a career path in the 21st century depends mostly on the developments that are happening in the current period. A millennial who is aiming to graduate with a medical degree cannot assure that 20 years from now the profession of a doctor will not be replaced by a machine or a robot. According to Alderson (2018) “companies have every reason to employ robots over humans. Not only do robots pay for themselves in a matter of months, but they’re more efficient, don’t need sick days or vacation time, don’t need to be insured, are always polite and punctual” (para. 3). As a matter of fact, students get to change their careers based on what accommodates with the recent future.

Another factor that causes people to give up on their career passion is because they find out after they join the workforce that the job is not as impressive as expected. For instance, this is commonly wide spread amongst the Engineering profession, constructing towers seems so great and glamorous. Additionally, people who work at engineering are very respectable in their positions and in the high level of responsibility they take. But in reality, the market is saturated, Stressful, and employees take a long time to climb up the ranks. Caprino (2019) claims that “It's not effective if you try to choose a career direction just from the mere idea or sound of it – to hang all your hopes of success onto an idea that's never been tested for you” (para. 9). Choosing a career based on stereotypes and

In conclusion, there are multiple reasons for people to change their career passions, the difficulty for attaining one’s dream job, the expiry of the profession, and the failed expectations might only be a few. In a public speech event on passion and career Terri Trespicio said “I’m leery of passion for a few reasons. But one of them is that passion is not a plan, it’s a feeling. And feelings change” (Trespicio, 2015). It takes a lot of time and effort for an individual to pursue a passion and turn it into a career. Passion is not simply a feeling, but it’s the full energy that people put in something knowing that it will be possible. Joining a profession for its reputation and status will not always work out right. Years from now, a lot of professions will be eliminated and replaced with robots and machines that will be taking the roles of human beings, the only jobs surviving will be those involving creativity and originality that the artificial intelligence will not be able to take over. Furthermore, it is an expected aspect of life for people to desire another profession and quit their career passion. What one is passionate about at 16 is not necessarily what they will be passionate about at 30. Whether was it a doctor, artist, teacher or a lawyer, those individuals might have had a change of heart while seeking their passion because it is a natural thing to happen with human beings. To an extent, everyone has a fear of disappointment and failure, but in order to prevent giving up on our dreams and passions, the right thing to do is to pursue a career passion that one enjoys and is able to perform with joy and excitement.


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