How Professions Are Affected By The Digital Society

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Impact of digital society has not only benefitted an organization but has an impact on society, culture and politics. Next are some examples of such impacts.

  • Education to Electronic-Education – previously everyone encountered teachers and being physically present in a classroom, nowadays students tend to learn long distance from home or in their spare time. Allowing them to progress at their own speed. This shows that soon the need of a physical teacher could be replaced by a digital library and digital course (Manuel & López, 2004).
  • Newspaper to E-News or E-Media – in the past the new paper printing and magazines were high on demand, now it’s rare to see in the society people carrying newspapers in the public, most of us witness mobile phones, iPad, and electronic book readers being used in the public transport, thus making this profession in a printing press disappear (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Flight Attendant – to robotic assistance – most people dream of being a flight attendant or a flight steward, but in the future, this could be replaced by robots that deliver precisely what you need with a press of a button (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Lumber Jack – with new technology this profession can disappear with technology advancing at a rapid phase, the profession could be turned into machines and it can be mapped to a certain area to cut trees and it will do the job for them. And with the climate change and people arguing over to save the environment the digital use has become more common and the use of paper is less, due to this reason the profession is about to see a 9% drop in 2020 (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Mail Career – even though it is still alive, nowadays no one uses a mail to pay bills or wait for a bill of electricity or phone to come by post, most of them are available online and by email and flying drones to deliver posts will make this profession a target to reduce into 0 eventually (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Librarians and library – even though many books are being printed they also are available online, thus making this profession and physical library disappear or be more like a museum for future generations (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Food delivery and cooks – food delivery is now also adopting technology to order online such as in Czech Dáme jídlo and Uber Eats are becoming more and more popular, cooks also have a high risk of being replaced by machines or robots in the future (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Tax Examiner and Tax collector – tax payment, tax reimbursement, and tax examiner can be automated or done more efficiently with technology. Making accounting organizations pay fewer employees than they used to (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Taxi Dispatcher – in the past we used to call a taxi and they arrive. And now we use a mobile phone to pinpoint the location and compare with different apps to get a nominal rate. Thus, this profession slowly ceases to exist (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Farmer – fewer farmers are needed to for farmland with technology, the same applies to food demand new research and new digital printing could print food with the same composition in the future (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Travel Agent – mostly nowadays generation do not go to a travel agent to book, they do it online so this profession is going to see a drop and eventually will not exist since everything will exist online (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Customer Support – from tradition queues to phone calls and physical writing and chat with humans, will be replaced with chatbots that are sophisticated using neural networks and adaptive technology to replace this profession same in the future (Prokopets, 2019).
  • Audit profession affected - by Artificial intelligence, dashboards and data mining analytics can be used to have predictive analysis and forecasting to redesign work and conduct analysis on structured and unstructured data. As mentioned in (Team, 2018) words by Brian Foster, KPMG’s U.S. Emerging Audit Solutions Leader. “Auditors can then use this as analysis to deliver high-quality audits that dig deeper into the data and reveal more about a company, its risks, its financial reporting controls and its operating environment,”

Technological change begins with talking to the people who influence it and the people who are most affected. To this end, one of the key findings of Forbes 2025 / KPMG review report is that four out of five respondents, 80%, argue that auditors should use larger samples and more sophisticated technologies to collect and analyses data in their daily work (Team, 2018).

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As mentioned above the audit profession cannot hold on to traditional auditing techniques, may it be accounting, agriculture, quality or technology audit, all professions are in need to adopt and evolve with the digital society.

Are there professions that still cannot be replaced by technology, technology is changing increasing in a rapid phase in the world and the way we live, every life in our aspects in affected by digital technology, digital society described in this chapter shows how, it has impacted on society and society, in general, has been evolving for thousands of years, and the new society is digital society making changes and impacting, business culture politics and day to day life.

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