Reflection on Group Work with Cognitive Psychology

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As a group, we had decided on the topic ‘Cognitive Psychology’ which explores the mental processes related to perceiving, attending, thinking, language, and memory. Throughout the powerpoint we had mainly focused on the four main approaches of cognitive Psychology; cognitive neuroscience, cognitive neuropsychology, computational cognitive psychology and experimental psychology on the other hand I had decided to reflect on the history of cognitive psychology which I found most interesting. The cognitive approach developed in the 1900s, in my research findings I found out its split into four periods: philosophical, early experimental, the cognitive revolution, and modern cognitive psychology. This had surprised me because all four periods had the same argument in their findings which was that the relationship with the stimulus and response were complex rather than simple or direct.

As a group we had decided the most important thing was to keep in touch with each-other online due to the current pandemic situation. Each of us had been obtaining useful information on cognitive psychology therefore before completing our slides we shared our findings to extend our knowledge through the presentation. Not being able to communicate in person, through the sharing of research, ideas and different findings it helped me us all self improve our own sections of the powerpoint. Working as a group had encouraged us to be open minded and listen to others points on cognitive psychology.

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When working on a group tasks individuals take on board different parts of the work and develop their ideas at home or individually elsewhere. Throughout the process of my group work on ‘Cognitive Psychology’ we all worked from our own homes, this wasn’t a problem as there were many digital technology platforms we communicated over. Facebook messenger group chat was our mist common form of communication as when someone needed help or had another idea, we would all receive it. This was a great way to give each other tips and research findings that others might not have found although when it came to the making of the powerpoint we group called. Group calling was a great way to voice our opinions on the final product, no one was left out of the making and everyone felt included.

When working in a group there may be some members quite quieter than others which could lead to them not contributing as much within the the group. The main aim of group work is to get their task done therefore everyone would need to cooperate in their part for it to happen, in higher education groups people can have different opinions in when things should happen. Instead of working around everyone and coming up with a plan it creates a democracy within the group possibly causing tension making it difficult to work with people. In my experience of working within a team environment, we had brainstormed our topic ‘cognitive psychology’ as a group and also independently did our own research findings and discussed them all as a group. This encouraged the group to continue to work together and not focus on individuals.

Within a group environment I plan to further develop my skills, I want to be regularly have open conversations within whomever I’m working with. Sharing thoughts and ideas can build trust within the group, this is a must for a successful ending piece. When working on a task their could be a lot of unspoken ideas and feelings, I want to make sure when I’m working in a group my peers are willing to communicate with each other crating a snowball of ideas emerging. I would do this by trying to asking different questions clarifying peoples thoughts on our task, making myself and others feel included.

Every group work is assessed differently although in higher education the best way to asses the group work is the final product and everything that goes into it. Who ever is assessing the group work needs to take in the performance of each individual and in higher education its important their grade isn’t based off someones else, this creates fairness and equity to all the members of the group.

Before submitting a final product of the group work it's important for the members to peer asses it, this enables each individual to give others constructive feedback that could boost their grade. Peer assessment motivates people to engage more within their task as they wouldn’t want to disappoint or harm their peers shot of getting a good grade. When peer assessing, it empowers the individual to take on that responsibility and manage their own or others work.

When completing a degree it's important that group work is used throughout all stages. It's important to know the members in your group, such as their preferred ways of working, this helps an individual throughout their degree as they have recognised that everyone has different opinions and methods of learning. It teaches fairness as everyone should be involved in any discussion within the degree, it important to make others within the environment feel included. People who are engaged within group work, or cooperative learning, show increased individual achievement this is in comparison to people who choose to be working alone. In my experience throughout my degree working in groups it has gained me a voice, my communication skills have majorly increased.

Throughout this current assignment on ‘Cognitive Psychology’ I think I worked over all quite well individually and as a group. I feel that my group had worked really well with supporting everyones opinions and thoughts on our powerpoint presentation, having a variety of topics we could have chosen to talk about I personally feel we had chosen a good one. Having to talk about the History of Cognitive psychology I found it very interesting reading my peers research of their findings, I found out I am able to peer asses my group very constructively as I believe this important for the presentation to succeed.

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