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The world consists of a diversity of cultures and within these cultures, there are different definitions of what behaviour can be defined as normal or abnormal. Due to these different perspectives among different cultures, there can be a wrongful diagnosis of a patient with potential mental illnesses. These criteria, that are used to judge behaviour within each culture, are called clinical biases. Clinical bias can have an impact on the diagnosis of a patient due to the lack of knowledge...
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Introduction We have come a long way in terms of analyzing the financial markets. The evolution of theories pertaining to the markets dates back to the 17th century where the famous tulip mania term was coined when a bubble in an economy was first identified. And now in the 21st century, we analyze financial markets through the lens of advanced behavioral finance theories. Going back to the 1970s, the efficient markets hypothesis (EMH) was at the height of its dominance...
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Joseph Heller once said, “The truth is whatever people will believe is the truth. Don’t you know history?” Long gone are the days of being able to turn on any news channel that only gives facts. Today you must check your sources carefully and question everything. It is important we do this because fake news can be seen everywhere, and it is spread because our bias makes us more gullible. Everyone all wants to believe that we exist innocently without...
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Pragmatics refers to the study of signs, sentence structure, and symbols. It focuses on the meaning of utterances. It is what people say in terms of spoken speech or by the use of signs and symbols. It is a fundamental component in human speech because it establishes meaning and intention hence establishing a better understanding. It also helps in establishing what to say, the people we pass the information to as well as how to say or out it. It...
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I choose two biases to investigate and explain how these affect on my life. People read articles daily, but they are doing not recognize that bias is getting used to alternate their opinion. “I’ll believe it once I see it.” this is often what the general public says once they have a special opinion on topics. However, changing opinions aren't as easy because it seems. Opinions and perspectives are ever-changing solely supported by a person’s thinking. to vary a person’s...
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The following essay will attempt to offer a considered and balanced review of the role of clinical biases in diagnosis. Clinical diagnosis refers to a process that matches an individual’s specific symptoms to those that define a particular mental disorder. Clinical biases refers to behaviours that psychologist unconsciously have, these may be both beneficial and dangerous. Biases occur when researchers experience preconceived ideas about the likelihood of a disorder, based on the social and cultural background of the patient. Most...
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The human brain is intricate and still very strange. It is probably why many myths about the mind and its functions always come about. One of the most well-known of these legends is often alluded to as the 10% of the brain myth, or the idea that an individual only uses an extremely small amount of their brain in everyday life. I am not sure where this myth could have derived from, but the ten percent myth probably emerged from...
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Decision making is an important business function which is prevalent within every process at every level of an organization. It is largely dependent upon support from accurate information and data to successfully maintain effective and rational decisions on the basis of analysis of data and information presented. The results of analysis become the foundation for the decision being made. However, the prevalence of bias and errors within the data can result in erroneous decisions due to the analysis providing skewed...
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