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Reflective Essay on Biases in My Life: Analysis of Confirmation Bias

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I choose two biases to investigate and explain how these affect on my life. People read articles daily, but they are doing not recognize that bias is getting used to alternate their opinion. “I’ll believe it once I see it.” this is often what the general public says once they have a special opinion on topics. However, changing opinions aren’t as easy because it seems. Opinions and perspectives are ever-changing solely supported by a person’s thinking. to vary a person’s opinion takes a considerable amount of effort and evidence. Humans don’t wish to be wrong; we wish to be right. It makes us feel triumphant and confident, whereas being wrong makes us feel defeated or embarrassed. The opinions we first formulate once we see something is just supported our judgment or first impression. We get defensive when people ail our opinions, so we gather counterarguments to prove our stance. once we look for evidence to substantiate our beliefs or opinions, it’s called confirmation bias. Confirmation bias varies from different situations because it may be our fancy, or it may be our firm beliefs. We feel inclined to uphold our opinions and to appear for more information that confirms our beliefs. Confirmation bias may be applied in way of life, like workplace settings. Disputes can happen thanks to clashing opinions. this could cause tension and spitefulness within the workplace environment There are many everyday samples of people using confirmation bias behavior. A student doing research on only 1 side to an argument for a paper to substantiate their thesis may fail to completely search the subject for information that’s inconsistent with what they’re writing about. i think confirmation bias happens to our life almost every day .for example, My mother came to go to me last week and he or she called attention to a confirmation bias that I’ve got been observing for years but haven’t took the time to note it. We were walking out the outside door to depart for dinner downtown, and my mother looked outside and noticed the heavy rain falling. She stopped me and said that if I failed to bring a raincoat and hat, I might catch a chilly without a doubt. I’ve got heard that phrase 1,000,000 times before but had never viewed the statement as a confirmation bias. I had always attributed the sayings to old urban legends that folks wont to scare their children into doing what they’re told to try to do. After catching some colds after playing within the rain, I had only supported my mother’s claims. Nevertheless, this was a transparent example of a confirmation bias. within the example of catching a chilly within the rain, my mother attempted to appear for evidence that was in keeping with a previous hypothesis. The prior hypothesis during this situation was that you just are absolute to catch a chilly if you went outside without a raincoat. By gazing at research that confirms her opinion, my mother exhibits the confirmation bias in her decision-making process. during this example catching a chilly is that the previously held conviction and getting wet is the confirming information.

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Implicit bias is unconscious preferences or attitudes towards or against certain groups of individuals. Since implicit bias is knowledge, it’s difficult to work out what implicit biases people hold. Project implicit may be a program dedicated to evaluating these implicit biases. The way that this group attempts to assess hidden biases that individuals hold is thru something called the implicit association test. Test takers are put through some tests where a word or picture is shown on the screen and they must press either “e” or “I” to sort the word into one in all two categories. By tasking the person with completing this as fast as possible in order that they’re not brooding about their responses, it’s assumed that they’ll pick the “easier” response more quickly than another response, which can therefore show how they subconsciously feel about, or towards, a particular group of individuals. The test gives a rating of what quantity bias someone has towards or against a gaggle of individuals with the labels slight, moderate, or strong. By having the subconscious take over the decision-making responsibilities, the implicit bias of someone may be seen. Biases that individuals hold subconsciously can cause them to inadvertently treat others during a negative way, whether or not they are doing not notice that they’re. Since they’re not completely conscious of thoughts and actions, people aren’t able to censor themselves and proper this inappropriate behavior.

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