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Reflection essay

Personal Reflection:

In the course, I have learned that ground-breaking business communication is the key for any organization to push ahead. The last few months have been a fantastic learning experience for me where I have found out about different acquaintances of business communication. In the further course, I have profited from the knowledge concerning various activities and practices which can be implemented in order to rectify the issues regarding communications. Throughout the course, I find various means of learning concepts and theories specialized naturally to assign a better understanding of business communication.

The learning comprises different theories and practices of business communication in the entire course which can be described as:

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Theory 1: Communication: Understanding the Process

This was the first module of the course that reflects the ethics of effective communication, communication process, and types of communication (verbal, non-verbal, and listening). In an informal setting, verbal communication is the most common form of communication. Non-verbal communication like eye contact and expressions are also powerful forms of communication. I have learned that people can face certain challenges to exercise the non-verbal form of communication. There is a scope for improvement and I believe that I am on a continuous learning path of communication and ethics in communication. In a conclusion, I can say that listening is also an important form of communication and it is important that people should have good listening skills.

Theory 2: Principles of Academic and Professional Integrity

This unit covers the principles of academic and professional integrity that helped me to demonstrate and conduct academic and professional integrity. Before covering the unit, I was not much familiar with Integrity later I find a diverse range of academic and professional integrity. I have learned the ability to address and solve problems in a convenient and accurate way and approach critical thinking structurally. In this theory, I have learned that a decision framework should be established prior to making a critical decision and meeting the requirements.

Also, the unit reflects the soliciting information as interviews and interviews. Dwyer (2006) recommends creating a framework that is objective and impartial in the form of a rubric. According to Dwyer (2006) for the evaluation of current employees, the rubric needs to support the employees’ demonstration of the qualifications required to fulfill the job application. For example, additional rubric thresholds focus on the details of performance, communication, problem-solving, managing, and other areas applicable to an organization’s job functions. According to Dwyer (2006), the rating of the threshold can be defined as exceedingly the expectation, acceptable work, or not exceeding expectations.

Theory 2: Presentation: Communicating to an Audience

In this theory, I have learned about presentation techniques. In this module, I have learned that presentations are effective only when they can catch an attraction of audience. One of the most basic challenges for me while doing any presentation is understanding the audience. However, I would also like to say that I have learned a lot about the art of making presentations. This course has provided me with a platform where I have learned about the intricacies involved in effective presentation-making skills.

I have few of the skills and I always try to create interactive presentations. However, it would be correct to say that there is no end to the learning, and this theory or this course has provided me with a platform to learn about the various ways to conduct oral and training presentations.

Theory 3: Business Writing

In this theory, I learned about the various genres of effective business communication like report writing, email communication, and resume writing. Personally, before starting this theory, I was not aware of the need for a cover page while writing a resume. In this module, I learned that a cover page is a powerful platform too. This module has also helped me to increase my report-making skills. For example, the reports should start with an Executive Summary and should have an effective Conclusion. All these skills are important to learn what I have learned in this part of the theory.

Theory 4: Communicating in teams and groups: Process Communication

The very first learning concept in this part of the course drags me to the understanding of the process of group decision-making and formal and informal meeting processes. I have learned that in the process of group decision-making, Leadership is important. And, before starting this course, I only had a high-level view of formal and informal communication. This theory helped me to deep dive into the concepts of formal and informal communication.

Theory 5: Cross-cultural communication: Communication Barriers

I definitely agree with the authors' standpoints regarding a harmonious workplace if leaders and employees have knowledge about one’s cultures and countries. The probability is that these individuals will have mutual insight into others’ cultures, especially information that can minimize the occurrence of prejudice, discrimination, and ethnocentrism. This signifies that building respect and trust can be nurtured within these kinds of environments, as leading and directing are correlated with building strong relationships between leaders and followers by influencing followers positively to achieve a common goal.

In a conclusion, I can say that I used to have a lot of personal constraints while indulging in interpersonal communication. I used to think that I would not be able to communicate well. In this theory, I learned that personal hindrances are one of the biggest challenges of interpersonal communication that cause barriers in interpersonal communication.

Overall Summary:

The course throughout the trimester has been much more effective for me in order to understand the various theories and practices of business communication. The course is fully fictitious and ideally designed to accommodate many essential terms such as communication, collaboration, integrity, critical thinking, research, and ethical behavior which can produce in one’s life. In a nutshell, this course has demonstrated various learning theories and practices of business communication and personally, I have been beneficiated, besides the best result still ought to bring out and I hope the idea and the purpose of the course will upshoot me accordingly in the further days.


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