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Understanding Echinoderms as Part of Marine Biology

Echinoderms are a phylum of marine organisms. They are generally characterized as invertebrates that have hard, internal calcium based skeletons, a water vascular system, and a five-rayed radial symmetry. Some examples of echinoderms are starfish, sand dollars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and brittle stars. The importance of echinoderms goes past the aesthetics that they bring to marine ecosystems. Echinoderms also have economic, ecologic, scientific, nutritional and medicinal purpose. They do so much not only for marine ecosystems, but also play...
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Blue Economy: Sustainable Usage of Marine Resources

Blue economy is the concept that depicts the activities of human being in the oceans and coastal zones to enrich the livelihood of the people with simultaneous effort to preserve the marine area free from pollution and hazards so that the life standard of the people can be enriched with achieving the sustainable usage of the oceans and coastal zones as well. It is considered a part of the green economy As day goes by the population of most of...
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Marine Pollution and How it Affects Marine Life? Essay

Whales, turtles and seabirds are in critical danger with 8 million tons of plastic dumped into our oceans every year, marine life is swallowing more plastic than ever and it’s killing them fast. Today I am here to discuss the types of marine pollution and how it affects marine life. Sewage is a common pollution, it consists mostly of greywater, blackwater soaps, detergents and toilet paper. Blackwater can contain feces, urine, water and toilet paper from flushed toilets, blackwater is...
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Why It is Necessary to Use Bioluminescence in Deep Sea and Aquatic Life

Bioluminescence is the term used to define the chemical that produces light energy within the body of an organism. For the reaction to take place organism must contain a molecule called luciferin, which then reacts with oxygen to produce light. According to scientists, there are different types of luciferin, and they vary depending on the animal hosting the reaction. Most organisms do also produce a catalyst by the name of Luciferase, which also helps in speeding the reaction in the...
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Implications of Acid Rain on Marine Ecosystems

A marine ecosystem is an ecosystem defined by an aquatic environment with higher salinity compared to freshwater ecosystems. These ecosystems are teeming with flora and fauna, providing one of earth’s major food sources. Covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, marine ecosystems are divided into several broader types of ecosystem, such as estuaries, salt marshes, mangrove forests, coral reefs and open ocean. Marine ecosystems are characterised by a variety of unique biotic and abiotic factors. Important abiotic (non-living) features consist...
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Geologic Time and the World Ocean: Diving a Bit Deeper

Since the surface of the Earth is far from being even, the distribution of oceans is not quite equal between the two hemispheres. Taking a closer look at the map, one will see that the Southern Hemisphere (206 x 106 km2) has more water resources than the North one (154 x 106 km2) (Distribution of Water and Land Between Parallels para. 2). What is sea ice? How does it affect the salinity of seawater? Sea ice is traditionally defined as...
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Turritopsis Dohrnii and The Idea of Immortality

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you’re told that a species has been identified as immortal? It’s understood that immortality means having the ability to live forever or last forever. Along with that, it’s also perceived that immortality has always thought to be impossible, but not anymore because the jellyfish “Turttiopsis Dohrnii” is now familiarized as the uniquely immortal creature. An immortal creature that can recycle its life, provide more advanced cancer analysis and is a...
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Essay on Saving Marine Life

One of the reasons why the issue of ocean pollution is currently relevant is marine life. In this report, I want to note the importance of the ocean’s ecosystem – and to explore the factors that threaten it. I am going to research various solutions to these problems and the obstacles that are in the way. Marine biodiversity, which includes both living and genetic resources, is important for humankind for various reasons. It may possess characteristics such as the presence...
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