Essay on Ocean: Ocean Trenches and the Depths (Zones) of the Ocean

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Let's talk about the continental shelf, slope, and rise!

The continental slope is the seaward edge of the continental rise, which we will talk about later. Now, let's talk about the continental shelf! The continental shelf is a broad, comparatively shallow submarine deck of continental crust setting up the edge of a continental landmass. And lastly of the “continentals’, as I like to call it, is the continental rise! The continental rise is a major depositional arrangement made up of thick sequences of continental material that gather between the continental slope and abyssal plain, which we will talk about now! The abyssal plain is the level seafloor at an abyssal depth (3,000 to 6,000 meters [10,000 to 20,000 feet]). Now, we’re going to talk about ocean trenches and the depths (zones) of the ocean! Ocean trenches are steep depressions in the deepest parts of the ocean. For example, the Marianas Trench is 11,034 meters (36,201 feet) deep, which is in a place called the challenger deep. Now that we got that over with, let's quickly talk about the 4 common zones of the ocean, with their depths!

  • The sunlight zone (upper 200 meters [659 feet] of the ocean)
  • The twilight zone (200 meters to 1,000 meters [659 feet to 3,280 feet])
  • The midnight zone (1,000 meters to 4,000 meters [3,280 feet to 13,100 feet])
  • The Abyssal zone (3,000 meters to 6,000 meters [9,800 feet to 19,700 feet]

Now, let's talk about something that affects all parts of the ocean. Human impact.

The impact humans can have on the ocean is very extreme, and most of the time it isn't a very good impact. Here are a few things that humans do that can make a harmful impact on the ocean

  • Use single-use plastic
  • Dump trash into the ocean
  • Spilling oils (always ends up in the ocean)
  • Throw recyclable items in the trash

All of this may not seem like a problem to you, but it really is. If you don't believe me, then look at these photos.

See that? That's a trash island. It's created by trash dumped in the ocean, which is carried together by the currents, eventually creating a trash island like that one. What can we do to stop all of this from happening? Well, you can do the opposite of everything I listed before.

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Anglerfish (chosen by yours truly) are very interesting! They are very scary-looking creatures found down in the abyssal zone. Their scientific name is Lophiiformes, a bit different from the word anglerfish, huh? Anyway, Anglerfish are carnivorous fish, that use the little bioluminescent “bulb” sticking out of their head to attract their prey (crustaceans, other fish, & snails.), and once they get close enough, the anglerfish uses its big mouth to gobble up their prey! Does this make you think that the anglerfish is a big, scary fish? Well, actually, they aren't! They are only about the size of a teacup! Crazy, right? Well, this has been fun, but I think it's almost time for me to go! Before we go, let's review what we've learned!

Here's a quick review of what has been said in this essay!

There are 4 zones/depths of the ocean (sunlight, twilight, midnight & abyssal)

Humans can make an extreme impact on the ocean, whether it be good or bad

Anglerfish use their bioluminescence to attract their prey (crustaceans, other fish, and snails)

And, that's it! Thank you so, so much for reading my essay!

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