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Whale Essays

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Kings Of The Sea Whales And Sharks

Have you ever taken the time to actually figure out the big creatures in the oceans that can bite off your arm out of nowhere, or think about what is this huge fish swimming under my boat? Or what about when looking out on the ocean, some may wonder what is all out there and how do the animals in there survive in such a vulnerable place. The two most common thought of marine life is whales and sharks. In...
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The History Of Use Whale Oil Row

From the 1700’s through the 1800’s, Whaling in New England was very popular. The thrill of the catch brought about a high risk, high reward business. The Whaling industry sought the production of three different raw materials, whale oil, spermaceti oil, and whalebone. Whale oil was extracted by heating whale blubber in water, known as “trying out.” One example of the daily use of Whale oil was that it was a primary lubricant for machinery during the Industrial Revolution. Spermaceti...
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Blue Whale Essay

Blue Whales feature article First of all, blue whales are humungous in fact they are the biggest animals to ever live at 100 feet long, these majestic animals rule the ocean and control life in the ocean. At 200 tons, these rare animals can have their tongue weigh as much as an African elephant and their heart as much as a four-wheeler. There is much we don’t know about this animal such as, where they breed. We are piecing everything...
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The Importance Of Whales In Stabilizing The Marine Ecosystem

The first World Climate Conference was held from February 12th to 23rd in 1979 in Geneva. It was one of the first international meetings on climate change. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, “Extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect. More thermal energy is trapped by the atmosphere, causing the planet to become warmer than it would be naturally. This increase in the Earth’s temperature is called global warming.” For decades, global warming has raised political, public,...
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