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Introduction Methods for bone as well as periodontal tissue regeneration were therefore widely used. Throughout endodontic surgery, GTR was adjusted using various bone replacement materials and different boundary membranes. The concepts behind GTR will also be built on the idea that if epithelial cells, which migrate somewhere around ten times faster over other periodontal cell types, seem to be absent from the wound region longer enough for these cell types with regenerative capacity include being formed, the epithelial development is...
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Anatomical modifications and cellular responses Regeneration is initiated by wound healing, which is a process mediated by local muscle contraction that allows contact between the remaining dorsal and ventral epidermis layers, which happens right after a few minutes post-injury to prevent further damage and invasion of pathogens. After this, the muscle relaxes, leading to the stretch of the epidermis, creating a thin membrane that closes the wound, called wound epidermis (Chandebois, 1980). In the experiences regarding regeneration in Leptoplana sp....
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Introduction Costus speciosus (Koen ) Sm medicinal important plant belong to family Zingiberaceae. All plant parts of Costus speciosus have different uses so demand of this plant increased day by day .So now a days Costus speciosus become endangered species. Tissue culture technique play an important role to conserve the endangered species.Different concentration of various phytohormones auxin,cytokinin,gibberellins directly effect on invitro regeneration of Costus speciosus.The ratio of auxin and cytokinin hormone in media are totally responsible for root and shoot...
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Abstract In recent times there has been a great increase in the number of chronic lung diseases and lungs being one of the vital soft tissue organs of the body need transplantation or excision of the damaged tissue1,2. Though recent medical advances and transplantation procedures have saved numerous lives their efficiency to provide a better life outcome are suboptimal. Stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells and tissue regenerative scaffolds have made huge strides to improve patient therapies for the same2–5...
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Heart diseases arising out of abnormalities in cardiac muscles and vessels are surpassing any other cause of death throughout the globe. Almost half of the CVD crop up in Asia. Consequently, Asian countries have higher death rate from stroke as compared to western world. Although, ischemic heart disease has less prevalence in Eastern Asia but the Central Asia has pronounced death toll from both the stroke and ischemic heart diseases (Ohira & Iso, 2013). Despite the fact that small infarcts...
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Introduction Guided tissue regeneration is defined by the glossary of the American Academy of Periodontology: A surgical procedure with the goal of achieving new bone, cementum, and PDL attachment to a periodontally diseased tooth, using barrier devices or membranes to provide space maintenance, epithelial exclusion, and wound stabilization. Guided tissue regeneration aims to compartmentalize or exclude cells from the healing wound to allow for regeneration rather than repair. This concept was first explored by Melcher in 1976 he pointed out...
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To explore the regeneration and recovery of parotid gland after parotid duct ligation and recanalization in rat. Methods: Wistar rats’ parotid duct was ligated for 7 days (group A), 14 days (group B), 21 days (group C) and then released. HE staining、Immunohistochemical and Tunel fluorescence detection were used to observe apoptotic and regeneration changes of parotid specimens which were obtained at 60 and 90 days after releasing the duct. Results: Day0, acinar cells atrophy and decrease while ductal cell proliferation...
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Turritopsis dohrnii is a species of jellyfish with significant ability and is part of the class of Hydrozoa. Large bodies of research on the unique survival strategy and cellular mechanisms of this jellyfish concluded in the 1990s that it is able to revert to its immature form when needed, ultimately hitting a 'reset button'. Turritopsis is the only known genus that has this ability to perform 'reverse metamorphosis'. Therefore, it is hypothesized for the Turritopsis jellyfish can't die of old...
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Within British society today youth is generally defined biologically, by both puberty and age however the natural stages from childhood through to adulthood are open to questioning; leading the definition of youth to be progressively less clear. It has been said that ‘conceptions of the youth phase are historically and culturally specific’ (Cieslik and Simpson, 2013:3). The difficulty of insinuating a concise definition of both ‘youth’ and ‘generation’ could however, directly mirror why the current modern-day generation is considered ‘lost’....
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Introduction A normal biological characteristic of human body is its capability to fix hard and delicate tissues. Majority of tissues can fix and repair themselves within biologic restrictions. Though, regeneration is another issue. As in most situations, the tissues are unable to restore themselves to the former state after occurrence of tissue loss. That loss could be a consequence of birth deformity, sickness, injury, malignancy, surgical removal or atrophy. Substitution of missing body component has consistently been a worry to...
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