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Introduction Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a technique used to extract non-renewable sources of energy such as oil and natural gas. This technique was developed because there are certain sources such as shales and subterranean rocks from which extraction cannot be done using existing methods known at the time of its invention. What is fracking and how it came about? Hydraulic fracturing is a technique in which a liquid mixture (containing certain chemical components and water) is injected into the...
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What does one think of when they hear the word fracking? Most people think of its similarity to a curse word. In reality fracking is a curse word, in terms of its severity. Fracking is one of the most dangerous styles of oil drilling, causing not only damage to the environment, but damage to the earth’s crust. Fracking is a way of drilling for oil, which involves forcing highly pressurized liquid into the earth’s crust, breaking apart rock formations, and...
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Numerous citizens of America have debated on whether hydraulic fracturing (fracking) should be supported or banned. Hydraulic fracturing is where chemicals are pumped underground to break through a rock and release the gases/oil. Fracking industries generate around 70 billion dollars from oil, part of which contributes to the government. However, is the revenue worth the damage caused? In recent months, fracking has been a very controversial topic. Countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria and Romania have all banned fracking....
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Fracking has been a controversial topic in the world for several years. Some people say its bad while some think it’s better for the environment than all of the other current options that we have. According to Gayathri Vaidyanathan’s “Fracking can contaminate drinking water” people of Pavilion Wyoming complained of a bad taste, as well as smell in the drinking water. The EPA launched an investigation and concluded that the ground water contained toxic chemicals that were previously nonexistent in...
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