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Offshore Oil Drilling Essays

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Drilling and Fracking Must End in The USA

Drilling and fracking by oil and gas companies must end in the USA, as nearly one million American wells have been fracked since the 1940s. Now, energy is important, but fracking for oil is not the best way to produce energy, and it brings a great deal of harm to the environment. Hydraulic fracking is a technique that helps recover gas and oil from shale rock. While fracking is still in its exploratory phase in the UK, it is being...
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The Impact of Drilling in The Arctic on The World

Resources are limited. Energy resources which are most effective, such as coal, oil and petroleum are scarce and countries all over the world are searching for alternative methods to replace them. But in the meanwhile, there are many disputes over this fossil fuels. One of these is the north pole. This area, also referred as the arctic has 90 billion barrels of oil, and 44 billion barrels of natural gas liquids in 25 geographical areas. Barrells count as 100 to...
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A Letter to New York Governor Concerning The Issue of Hydrofracking

As a profoundly thankful citizen for your service and time, I am writing on the behalf of myself and my fellow citizens of New York State. We are concerned with your up and coming reassessment to continue the ban on hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale region. Although there are some concerning aspects to hydrofracking, the evidence in favor suggests that these aspects may only be minimal compared to the affluent effects hydrofracking can have on New York. Recent advancements in...
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The Effects of Oil Drilling to The Fishing Industry and Possible Alternative Energy Sources

Because land and space are resources as finite as those resources which they contain, there is no doubt that an expansion in one industry would hinder the ability of another to operate. In the article by James Lovgren, the oil and natural gas industries are vilified for their reckless disregard for the fishing industry and its role in the nation’s – and the world’s – ability to eat. However, this raises a simple question that is tied to human nature....
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Offshore Oil Drilling and it's Affects on the Environment

In 2010 the BP-operated Macondo prospect in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, killing 11 people and spilling 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf. Since this incident, the whole industry of offshore oil drilling has been judged and closely watched. There are many effects on the environment and the economy, as well as on the everyday people involved with offshore oil drilling. In the following essay, many of these effects will be discussed. Every year oil rigs spill over...
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Petroleum and Natural Gas

Petroleum and natural gases are formed million of years ago under the immense heat and pressure; these fossil fuels are classified as non-renewable resources. They are limited in a sense that they can only be found in underground reservoirs and beneath the ocean floor; which tells us that they can only be extracted from these locations. The extraction is done by the use of different machines or structures depending on the geology and location. An example of such is an...
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