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“Explore one of the ways our environment is impacted by our agricultural practices or industrial food complex.” One of the main things that go into the creation of our crops is pesticides, which includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and rodenticides. This junk is obviously toxic, yet it is continued to be used in order to contain pests. Pesticides don’t only affect the environments health, but ours as well, so I’d like to tie that into all this, but focus mainly on...
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Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?” According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “Over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the United States each year and approximately 5. 6 billion pounds are used worldwide”. This correlates to over 3 pounds of pesticides used annually for every citizen of America. So why is pesticide use such a big deal? According to the Pesticide Action Network UK, “Long term pesticide...
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The total Agricultural land area of Ghana as at 2012 stood at 14,038,224 hectares, out of which 7,847,300 hectares is under cultivation (MOFA/SRID, 2013). The population of the country keeps increasing at an alarming rate of 2.2% as at 2012, with its attendant increased mouths to feed. In order to continue cultivating and increasing yield, farmers are faced with the task of using various pesticides to control weeds, pests and diseases. The rate of deforestation in Ghana is estimated to...
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Pesticides constitute a heterogeneous category of chemicals specifically designed for preventing; destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest.1 the broad term of pesticides includes both herbicides and insecticides. Pesticide describes hundreds of synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals designed or naturally produced to deter insects and other agricultural pests, including weeds. Numerous groups of pesticides can be classified and can be grouped according to the target organisms (such as insecticides, fungicides and herbicides), chemical structure (such as organochlorine, organophosphorus, phenoxy acid herbicides,...
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Our populous, fast-paced world demands quality food that is affordable – and lots of it. When it comes to agriculture and the need to meet our world’s growing needs, pesticide use is often a topic of controversy. In the short term, pesticides greatly assist pest control. In the long term, however, pesticides appear to harm the health of humans and the environment. Whether you’re a decision maker in the agricultural industry or a consumer, it is important to weigh the...
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Pesticides and heavy metals have been plaguing our society for a number of years. As you know, pesticides are poisons that can kill pests. But in addition to killing pests, they are also killing us. Heavy metals have infiltrated most of our lives. We’re constantly being exposed to these sometimes lethal substances in all aspects of our day-to-day interactions with the world. They are both responsible for a number of serious diseases and disabilities; affecting us on a cellular level....
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