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Pesticides and Heavy Metals

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Pesticides and heavy metals have been plaguing our society for a number of years. As you know, pesticides are poisons that can kill pests. But in addition to killing pests, they are also killing us. Heavy metals have infiltrated most of our lives. We’re constantly being exposed to these sometimes lethal substances in all aspects of our day-to-day interactions with the world. They are both responsible for a number of serious diseases and disabilities; affecting us on a cellular level. This needs to end. Pesticides and heavy metals have become part of American culture. The United States Department of Agriculture in 2016 states that eighty-five percent of foods tested have pesticide residues. Heavy metals in vaccinations alone build up to toxic amounts after the numerous injections that the american populus receives from birth.

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The effects of pesticides and heavy metals are increased when paired together, but individually, they still have a severe impact on our health. Heavy metal toxicity/poisoning can occur from air and water pollution, foods, medicines, and many other things. Heavy metals can have half lives extending up to several hundred years and can actually be passed on from generation to generation, still causing birth defects, autism, cancer, and many more debilitating conditions. Aluminum specifically, when injected directly into our circulatory system and thus bypassing our bodies natural defences, can pass through the blood brain barrier with any other toxins that have bound themselves to it. This is responsible for many of the mental handicaps that have become increasingly prominent in our society as it rips the neurons apart. Because of their long half lives and the fact that they resist your bodies attempts to detoxify them out, many small doses cause the toxicity levels to build up and become more potent. Similarly pesticides, when we are chronically exposed to them, contribute to the development of “Parkinson’s disease; asthma; depression and anxiety; cancer, including leukaemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma; and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),” as said by the Pesticide Action Network UK. Pesticides and heavy metals affect us on a cellular level by impacting our gene regulation. Our cells express, or turn on, only a fraction of their genes. The rest of the genes are repressed, or turned off. This is, in essence, what gene regulation is, and it is an important part of normal development. When we are presented with these toxins, they start tampering with our genes and cells in such a way that they start turning on and off genes that may make us more susceptible to allergies, cancer, dementia, infertility, or other things that compromise our cells’ effectiveness and capability.

In addition, “heavy metal exposure can contribute to genetic damage by inducing double strand breaks (DBSs) as well as inhibiting critical proteins from different DNA repair pathways” (Heavy Metal Exposure Influences Double Strand Break DNA Repair Outcomes). Pesticides and heavy metals are damaging citizens on a cellular level and are disrupting our bodies’ natural ability to detoxify and heal. All of the pieces are connected. It starts with the bombardment of toxins we are subjected to which then kills and changes our cells to cause us to be unhealthy. All of the diseases and disabilities previously mentioned can be traced back to what is happening in the most basic unit of life itself: the cell. Fix the root cause, and fix America. People will function at their fullest capacity. The brain fog and mental handicaps will diminish allowing Americans to make leaps in technology and productiveness. To reach America’s highest potential, we must first build on a firm foundation. Eliminate pesticides and heavy metals.

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