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An Argument in Favor of Reducing The Harmful Effects of Pesticides

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“Explore one of the ways our environment is impacted by our agricultural practices or industrial food complex.”

One of the main things that go into the creation of our crops is pesticides, which includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and rodenticides. This junk is obviously toxic, yet it is continued to be used in order to contain pests. Pesticides don’t only affect the environments health, but ours as well, so I’d like to tie that into all this, but focus mainly on the environmental factors. Pesticides are very toxic to living organisms, especially weeds and bushes, which in some cases are used as an ecosystem by other animals and insects. I was reading up on how the use of glyphosate in the herbicide Roundup actually reduces the concentrations of essential plant nutrients in the soil, affecting a bush called the milkweed, which monarch butterflies use as a habitat. So in cases such as that, the pesticide may not be directly affecting a certain organism such as the monarchs, yet could be affecting another organism such as the milkweed that would ultimately result in a snowball effect, destroying anything using that affected organism to live.

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The use of pesticides won’t stop, but maybe a more environmentally friendly one will come around. As of now though, there is no environmentally friendly pesticide, and it is greatly affecting our environment and ultimately us. With this continued use of pesticides, the milkweed will have multiple other plants that become deprived of mandatory nutrients, other plants that we need to survive, other plants that keep insects that we need, such as bees living. What also seems to be occurring with this continued use of pesticides is the newly found presence of pesticide resistant weeds. Which obviously is no good for our crops, as the weeds are basically stealing all the things necessary to keep the crops alive.

Just as the pesticides are destroying bushes necessary to keep ecosystem alive, they are ironically creating weeds resistant to them. This is a horrible situation, but I cannot help to laugh as this really couldn’t get any worse. It’s as if everything that could go bad is going bad. Unless we truly create that mentioned environmentally friendly pesticide and/or find a way to get rid of these pesticide resistant weeds, our crops health will continue to worsen, and with that ours will too. Just as the monarch butterflies and their milkweed. I’ll look at this situation optimistically, as we are in an age of science. With time I believe the people who made those pesticides will find a way to make them cooperate with the environment rather than destroy it all. Those pesticide resistant weeds will probably be eradicated in time as well, because well, science can do a lot of things. Hopefully though, these new innovations stated don’t bring new negative effects into our environment.

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